Not a major problem I would have thought

Facebook will become a digital graveyard by the year 2098, a US statistician has claimed, predicting the point dead users will outnumber the living.

Won’t we all be drowning from Antarctica having melted by then?

18 thoughts on “Not a major problem I would have thought”

  1. In 1900 Coats Viyella was the biggest company in the world. There is buy and hold investing and there is buy and hold investing….

  2. Facebook will be pointless as all the women in the West will be wearing Burka’s and all the cheezburger dogs will be dead.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Facebook will have ceased to exist by then because there will be no one left able to read well enough to log in.

  4. I’m sure the number of dead holders of telegraph addresses outnumbers the living. Do I care?

  5. hmmm.. Can I get paid to make wild assumptions about the far future based on current status quo as well? Pretty please?

    Especially since there’s the probability bordering on certainty that Facebook as we know it won’t exist by then.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If you are making predictions about what things will be like 82 years in the future you are either a twat or a con-man. Leaving aside the fact that progress is non-linear and accelerating, 82 years ago was 1934. I don’t know what the time constant is in the growth curve, or even if there is one, but I would think an appropriate date in the past to get an equivalent amount of technological and societal change between then and now as between now and 2098 would be sometime in the 18th century.

  7. There were serious projections made around the turn of the 19th/20th century about the future problems of horse manure in cities, looking decades into the future. Oops.

    The Club of Rome made exactly the same mistake, straight line status quo projections zooming into the stratosphere.

    I don’t pretend to have any knowledge of what will happen in decades time to solve current problems, and people ask me “doesn’t that worry you?”. I tend to shrug my shoulders and say “something will come up”, which infuriates them no end, especially the ‘we must plan for the future’ types.

    As Devo said “when a problem comes along, you must whip it”

  8. On this particular problem, I do have one nearer term , next ten years, expectation (not exactly a prediction) that Facebook will eventually bow to pressure and allow next of kin to permanently hide the pages of deceased users (rather than only offering the option of converting them into ‘memorial’ pages). They’re unlikely to permanently delete them because they would have to deal with death certificates etc from all over the world, and the chance that people will present fake documents to piss off exes/family members/stalkees by deleting their accounts is virtually 100%. For Facebook it comes down to storage cost of maintaining deceased users’ pages (low, and getting lower all the time) vs the administrative costs of verifying that death claims are factual.

    Personally I’m making a list of instructions for my wife (melodramatic ‘to be opened in the event of my death’!) with all the necessary passwords to close down any critical accounts, destruction of phones, USB sticks, ramming screwdrivers through hard drives, etc 🙂

  9. Ltw

    Problem with that is there is a good chance you and your wife will die approximately simultaneously eg in a traffic accent. So you need to let a third person in on it…

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