Oh please, do sod off

The exculpation of Joe Marler for calling Samson Lee a “gypsy boy” is as questionable as it is risible.

Cut through the dubious logic of the citing commissioner’s judgment, or the assumption that the “matter was closed” – best of luck with that – and focus simply upon the acceptance that the England loosehead’s words were uttered “in the heat of the moment”.

Is that right? Really? And even if it is, can it excuse what was said? This, then, is what the Six Nations disciplinary process has come to: ​the heat-of-the-moment defence, a smokescreen that equates racial abuse with the lads just letting off steam.

I would question whether “gypsy boy” is racial abuse. Might, just about, accept that it’s a racial epithet but I’m afraid that I don’t count all such as abuse.

And I think I’d go further than that. I’m not sure that the concept of racial abuse has a place on a rugby field. Nothing but self-preservation is needed to prevent someone calling Itoje “monkey boy” or the like and the egos of prop forwards can handle gypsy boy even if Marler might not physically survive having called him gyppo.

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  1. It’s a scandalous state of affairs that the best insult a member of the national Rugby Union team can dream up or feel able to use is “gypsy boy”.

    It’s pitiful that anyone’s taken any notice at all. And FFS the pantywaists of the Welsh management / PR contingent give every indication of just loving the opportunity to have fits of the vapours.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    This was a spat between two grown men, one of whom may or may not have been trying to insult the other to wind him up. Offence may or may not have have been genuinely taken. Whatever happened apologies were promptly offered and accepted, and I link to think they made their peace in time honoured fashion over a pint or ten after the game.

    Its fuck all to do with the SJWs who infect twatter or any other busybody looking to use it as way of signalling their own virtue our furthering their own position. If anything they should be holding them up as an example of how real adults learn to get along with each other.

    I feel sorry for Gatland, to some extent, because of the way he was made to back down.

  3. As a Liverpool fan I have always accepted Luis Suarez’ claim that his decision to follow Patrice Evra around the pitch saying “nigger nigger nigger” was an act of jocular friendship.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “As a Liverpool fan I have always accepted Luis Suarez’ claim that his decision to follow Patrice Evra around the pitch saying “nigger nigger nigger” was an act of jocular friendship.”

    So to fuel your self-righteous rage you have to rely on an incident involving a Uruguayan player who allegedly racially insulted (he continues to deny it) a Franco-Belgian Senegalese? Not a single Brit involved in any way at all?

    What precisely was said is a matter of dispute. Suarez, who is, let me be clear, a c*nt of the first order, claims he said, in his native language, that Evra was Black, and he did not speak to Blacks. So no, it was not the English n-word. It was a Spanish n-word – negrito. Whether or not it was meant in the same way as the English word is something that Suarez, who, as I may have said, is a c*nt of the first order, denies. He certainly was supported by a large number of fellow Spanish speakers. I would think he is not entirely on safe ground but he almost has a point.

    So if I have a point here, apart from the fact that Suarez should have been banned from the game a long time ago, it is that these sort of things rapidly become a mess where it is hard to sort out precisely what was done or intended and on the whole it is probably a good thing to keep this out of the courts.

  5. I can only suppose that the weight of self-censorship that such writers have to live with causes them to put all their rage into such trivia.

    When you’re too scared to write about beheadings, execution of homosexuals or stoning to death of women, then the gift of blood-curdling, death inducing curses such as “gypsy boy” must come as a welcome relief.

  6. As a Liverpool fan I have always accepted Luis Suarez’ claim that his decision to follow Patrice Evra around the pitch saying “nigger nigger nigger” was an act of jocular friendship.

    Is this the same Ironman that likes to level the epithets Thick. Racist. Pricks. at others? Say it isn’t so, or is it also an act of jocular friendship?

  7. It’s one of the costs of ending up on the public stage, isn’t it? It’s irrelevant whether ‘gypsy boy’ is a genuine insult, and whether they can sort it out themselves.

    What matters is that the match attracts a large audience, which is tasty enough for every columnist-dickhead with a hobby horse to saddle up again to bleat about role-models and whatever. And then the PR crew to worry they’ll lose viewing figures if they don’t hold show trials, and so on, and it all goes to pot.

    Humans interaction breaks down at scale because the feedback degrades quickly over time and distance. No one would worry if this was between two lads from down the pub. In our hugely interdependent world, working out how to trust the 10,000s of people that support our lifestyle is major challenge. Whether we should protect rugby players from butthurt is not, but it looks solvable. Humans gonna hume.

    …is it gin o’clock yet?

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    So Rusty, you tried to troll this blog for people willing to defend Suzrez’s use of the n-word. It seems no one is willing to do so.

    Isn’t that interesting?

  9. I’ll defend free speech in all areas and manifestations.

    Either of them –or anyone-else can say what the hell they like as far as I am concerned.

    If someone is using any sort of verbiage to nerve themselves for the run-up to an actual physical attack then it might be necessary to physically pre-empt such an attack but that should be a logical decision rather than one based on emotionalism.

  10. Fair point, Sourdough,

    Something along the lines of “what score did your missus predict, me old diddycoy mukka?” or “could you pop round later and sharpen my knives, you pikey bastard?”

  11. Look, it isn’t the Welsh management keeping this crap flying, so let us stop the crap about them having any part in this. What would you expect them to say? Everybody in public life has to utter the same crap about issues like this. Please show me any quotes from them demanding he be punished. I can’t remember any.

    We all know who is flying this kite. Let’s focus on them.

  12. Hmm, that’s new. All previous comments were along the lines of “no place in the game blah blah sorted blah blah let’s move on”.

    I’m surprised by this.

  13. So long as it distracts from two forearm smashes and one eye gouge then it’s all good copy.
    Joubert plainly lost his authority as a ref.

  14. SMFS and Henry Crun

    I was just wondering, what makes you laugh? Cos this little story about nothing seems to have made you so very very angry.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “I was just wondering, what makes you laugh? Cos this little story about nothing seems to have made you so very very angry.”

    I continue to think you are a little sh!t but I am not angry. Why would I be? When you need to change the subject like this and distract from what a f*cking stupid claim you made, why would I? Nothing you have said has risen to that level.

    What is, by the way, the Spanish word for Black? What does your Church have to say about defaming people, even c*nts of the first order like Suarez?

  16. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Why doesn’t multiculturalism apply to a Uruguayan of mixed race?”

    The idiocy of Rusty’s position means that a bunch of White people who couldn’t be any whiter if they tried, sat around trying to work out what a mixed race would-be cannibal from Uruguay said about a Black guy from Senegal. In Spanish.

    But despite “multiculturalism” Rusty does not believe Suarez’s claim that the Spanish word he used is endearing and not like the English n-word at all. Which has to be adjudicated by people who failed to get a single O level. It is worse because multiculturalism tells us that Suarez might be right. The word might be endearing. In Uruguay. I know South Africans who use “endearing” terms about Black Africans that I suspect Black Africans do not appreciate. In which case a bunch of White working class lads who probably can’t spell intersectionality (and all power to them) have to decide on whether it was reasonable for a non-Spanish-speaking African to take offense at a word that may be used in a patronising but still offensive to Black people way within its Latin American context.

    At which point the sensible response should be “WTF?!”

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