One ancient French business now under more pressure

France’s MPs have voted to reduce the country’s legal quota of French songs played on the radio amid complaints the rule forces DJs to repeatedly play ‘boring’ old French ballads.
Imposed in 1994 to protect France from what the government saw as the “Anglo-Saxon cultural invasion”, the 40 per cent quota is increasingly making life difficult for programmers because a high proportion of young French artists such as Daft Punk are now singing in English to attract a more international audience. The quota will now be lowered to 35 per cent.

That ancient business being to manufacture popette records to fill that quota. Find something vaguely popular in English. Re-record the backing track with session musos, translate the lyrics, get some unemployed teenager to sing it, collect the money. Most of which is in the radio play royalties for the lyrics because the actual track hardly ever sells a bean.

With careful control of costs and a reasonable ear for what will play a nice little earner.

7 thoughts on “One ancient French business now under more pressure”

  1. I know nothing about the French radio economics but the quotes:

    “However, many in the music industry want the quotas to remain.”


    “Many stations have resorted to repeating the same songs ad nauseam, with the culture ministry saying in September that only 10 songs accounted for 74 per cent of the French titles aired on NRJ radio, and 67 per cent of those broadcast on another station, which has the English-sounding name Skyrock.”

    make me wonder if the “many” own the rights to the most played songs.

  2. With plenty of young French (or French speaking) in London, and a thriving music business based in London also, why not make what is needed in France in the UK?

  3. They had to change the rules before because radio stations were playing French ballads in the middle of the night to make quota.

  4. Sometimes, it just becomes glaringly obvious why the French had Napoleon and the Germans had Hitler.

    Mind you, we elected Blair THREE FUCKING TIMES, so I should probably run away and hide…

  5. “They had to change the rules before because radio stations were playing French ballads in the middle of the night to make quota.”

    Aah, the French radio equivalent of the old “Parliamentary Trains”.

  6. A fucking music quota?

    And this country may have a majority of morons who are happy that such people are trying to lord it over us?

    Shall we ask the Krauts for their list of state-approved names next?

  7. If Daft Punk is “young”, what on earth do the French consider “old”….?

    Daft Punk are 41 and 42 respectively, and have been doing their Thing since the late 80’s….

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