Owen Barder is very much in favour of Overseas Development Aid

It is one of the richest countries on Earth, yet millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money is being sent to fund aid organisations in the US, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
One Washington think-tank, the Center for Global Development (CGD), received £5.9 million – yet was so cash-rich that it moved into new £12 million offices complete with a 60-seat ‘ideas lab’.

Not sure I can work out why really.

Still, at least that cash no longer pays for Alex Cobham, not after Maya detailed that little boo boo with the Zambian copper numbers.

24 thoughts on “Owen Barder is very much in favour of Overseas Development Aid”

  1. The state is corrupt.

    The style, manner and extent of that corruption changes a little from age to age.

    But the corruption is always there.

    (I wonder how many more times the above can be recycled? I’ll try the experiment for a week.)

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    Ah, but “vital services” means completely different things to the empowered left. Diversity officers, for example.

    To a simple neo-liberal scumbag like thee or I, they are at best parasitic and more usually, actively destructive of organisational effectiveness.

    To a lefty, they are essential to ensure that 1/128th of a protected race or the more emotionally delicate of our QUILTBAG colleagues are shielded from exposure to ideas or, horror of horrors, evidence.

  3. If it wasn’t our money I would find this delicious in its nuttiness: that about 1 million USD of ODA funds a year go to the Carter Center ( headquarters – the world’s richest country ) which is among other things spending money on a campaign to make it illegal in the UK to pay for sex.

  4. There is a photo carousel on their ‘invest’ page that has images of the great and good who presumaby support their endeavours, no surprise to see Blair and Batmangelidh.

  5. Would it help if you see the types of things your foreign aid investment buys us?

    Some of that money happens to get passed around until it ends up in important infrastructure. Feel free to send us money. If we’re going to be stuck with windmills we might as well establish good connections with our hydro plants. From what I understand you might find the technology useful.

  6. This’ll be the same CGD that pays for Maya’s time so that she can draw attention to dodgy tax claims?

  7. Also, just a minor point, but the these places are in large part research subcontractors. Can anybody think of a political ideology that favours outsourcing over in house ? Dfid used to employ lots of people who could produce what CGD and ODI do for it. It doesn’t any more

  8. Maya working there after she so wonderfully skinned Alex of course. Who “moved on” after being so skinned.

  9. Yes he made a mistake didn’t he. Are you still going to be banging on about it in 2030?

    Don’t you cock things up ever?

  10. Yup, sure I cock things up. And I’m rather known for admitting so too. And if my cock up had ended up being the basis of a lovely little myth that ran around the NGO circuit I’d be out there correcting people, getting reports withdrawn and so on. Maybe he’s doing so but the old reports which contain the error are still up there an still being used in the rhetoric. And maybe he has corrected the paper itself: could you link to that?

  11. Err, no, it took an email from me to Owen to get that ball rolling. And the error was discovered some time after it has been incorporated into an Action Aid (Christian Aid? Whatever) report.

  12. Even if Overseas Development Aid was directed to projects clearly centred on the lowest income countries ( LED street lighting for Lusaka perhaps ) it would still be a waste of money.

    Far better to simply make it easier to trade and move between low and high income countries, or to do projects which explicitly benefit ourselves due to external effects ( e.g. diverting part of the Congo river towards Lake Chad ).

  13. So not just taking from poor people in rich countries and giving to rich people in poor countries. We are giving to rich people in rich countries too.

    Still, not Evil Torees could disapprove, eh?

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Meanwhile the Armed Forces are so etiolated as to render them little more than the paramilitary wing of Oxfam. As a minarchist, I believe one of the very few core competencies of a government is external defence, so not only is this money being squandered on people who hate us (which is to say, parasitic Leftist NGOs as well as sundry Third World jackanapes), it is being taken away from things it actually should be spent on.

  15. If we’re going to be stuck with windmills we might as well establish good connections…

    Sure. But even better not to be stuck with windmills in the first place. Addition of wind power degrades the overall operation of the grid – the fact that hydro resources can mitigate the damage doesn’t mean that they should, since it reduces their availability for load-following.

  16. The Left revel in changing what words actually mean. The JobCentre sent me on a Inclusion and Diversity training course. One of the questions we were asked was “what is diversity”. I dillegently wrote down: differences, non-samenesses, spread of characteristics. “No” I was told. Diversity means: embracing and encouraging differences among people. B****s I said, that’s /embracing and ecouraging/ diversity, not diversity.

    Similary, later on: “what’s negative feedback”? Easy, feedback that reduces the thing being measured. “No, negative feedback is feedback that upsets somebody, you should never give negative feedback”. I’m left wondering whether I’m allowed to say to a trainee “you’re drifting over 30mph, ease off on the gas” as that fits both definitions.

  17. Luis

    I was very struck by he reaction to the mistake; I’m absolutely certain you will be too.

    I had an exchange with Jolyon Maugham in response to Murphy’s proclamation thay Maya should have kept her mouth shut. Maugham agreed with him that NGOs do such great and important work that to point out their mistakes is to undermine e hat work and just plain wrong. I suggested, as a practicing Catholic I might be entitled to same the same of priests buggering kids. Apparently to equate the Church with NGOs is extremely offensive.

    You will perhaps not be surprised to know there are quite a few elements to this tale I find offensive.

  18. Lying in the cause of “the greater food” is now mingrained in the realms of socialist morons. Sorry Luis, but you have earned the epithet for straying from the positivistic sphere into the realms of crappy socialism.

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