A truly wonderful word: Paranoïdar.

Radar that tells me I should be being paranoid, suspicious.

Usage: “Thing is, if the kids got an unhealthy dose of the wrong iodine isotope, they must have *ingested* it. Through their food. Because that’s the way we get the stuff inside.
Which is why I’m interested in the breakup by age group for the Fukushima area, which is conveniently *not* represented in the article. It should show a spike corresponding to the disaster.
There’s something there we’re not being told, and it tickles my paranoïdar.”

Most useful word and of course it had to be a Dutchman, Grikath, who introduced us to it.

10 thoughts on “Paranoïdar”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    A useful word. I shall start using it.

    One question: pronounciation. Is that an umlaut or a diaresis? I guessing it’s the former.

  2. Yes, a good word. If I hadn’t drawn first prize in the lottery life by being English, I might well wish I were Dutch.

  3. it’s a diareses, indicating that the two vowels are to be pronounced separately and not as a dipthong.

    I doesn’t get an umlaut anyway, which is a shorthand standin for a subsequent “e”.

  4. @flatap – well I guess it won’t be about the trainwreck interview of Downing from Socialist Fight with Brillo…

    (who played a blinder, giving him just enough rope to hang himself without ever being aggressive)

  5. That bloke Downing is an absolutely screaming nutter.

    I’m surprised he didn’t start jabbering “The Jooz, The Jooz, The Jooz”

  6. Problem is, they appear to have convinced themselves that saying “The zionists, the zionists, the zionists” and leaving all the other words unchanged makes it OK.

    And, since they insist on believing their own nonsense about National Socialism not being any form of socialism, no, never, totally the opposite, it’s kin to the Tories and Blair, they’re utterly blind to their own fascism.

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