PCS has sent another cheque then

The crackdown on tax abuse is failing because HMRC don’t have the resources to chase the crooks

6 thoughts on “PCS has sent another cheque then”

  1. Boo Hoo.

    But in any case HMRC were royally fucked-up by Bottler Brown who got rid of most of the investigative “talent” ( thanks again Snot-Gobbler) and created a system that had the remaining meddlers trying to find tax resisters during flying visits to parts of the UK that they had never even laid eyes on before. The old snoops had a local background and knew all the faces on their particular “manor”–knowledge gained over time.

    So if Murphalot wants to whine he should see his whinges are laid at the Bottlers door.

  2. As one of ” the old snoops” I couldn’t agree more, HMRC is retreating to a small number of ivory towers never to be seen again. The resulting cull of experienced staff will take a generation to recover from

    It’s similar to the argument about Bobbies on the beat deterring crime

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