Or maybe there really is a time to just give up?

After 46 attempts to pass the Class 10 board exam, Shiv Charan Yadav hopes that this is the year that he will finally fulfil his dream.

According to a Times of India report, Shiv Charan from Khohari village in Alwae first took the Rajasthan State Board exam in 1968 but failed. He has been trying ever since but hasn’t been able to secure an all pass. The 77-year-old says that each time it so happens that if he manages to pass few subjects he fails in some others. In 1995, Shiv Charan came close to passing but mathematics turned out his nemesis. Last year Social sciences came in between Shiv Charan and his dream.

Shiv Charan was raised by his uncle and other family members after his parents passed away at an early age. The Government’s old age pension and religious offerings at a nearby temple are keeping this Septuagenarian going now. Though some villagers make fun of Shiv Charan’s insistence of passing the board exams, others admire his perseverance and gift him books and pens.

Shiv Charan had vowed not to marry till he passes class 10 and has held on to his vow. This 77-year old bachelor believes that he will pass this year and will find a bride.

It’s that last bit…..

8 thoughts on “Persistence”

  1. Shiv Charan had vowed not to marry till he passes class 10 and has held on to his vow.

    Clever. The result has been a long, happy and untroubled life.

  2. When I was at sea we had “professional thirds”. They kept on taking the Second Engineers exams, but for what ever reason they would miss out on one exam. You had to pass all in one go to get your Seconds ticket. It used to be that you persevered until you managed or decided it was no longer worth bothering with. I think now you only get a couple of chances. So I suppose Shiv Charan is a “professional 9th”. Class 10 is the secondary education certificate.

  3. If only he’d gone to school under New Labour. A fail at the 11+ in 1968 would have been transformed into a PhD (or possibly 0.2 of a professorial post) by the time New Labour had finished.

  4. I have set myself a number of life goals and promised not to bed Kirsten Dunst until I have achieved them. I am a man of my word.

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