Please do fuck off with the Brexit scare stories

The City of London could be cut off from the EU’s banking markets in the event that the UK quits the union, as regulators on the continent could declare Britain “an offshore financial centre,” top business leaders have warned.

So, the continent would then be cut off from the world’s leading financial markets, wouldn’t it?

Just like it is from New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and…..oh wait.

10 thoughts on “Please do fuck off with the Brexit scare stories”

  1. The most depressing thing about every lying sack of shit in the world being rolled out to lie about leaving the EU is the fact that , if the world wasn’t full of fucking mugs, it wouldn’t be in the mess it is. The rubbish that is talked wouldn’t fool anyone with the brains and balls of a gnat. But the traitors at the top don’t need to worry about fact and logic–cause how many of their target audience do?

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Where are the Remain scare stories?

    I should think the prospect of Turks being able to travel to the EU without visas and Turkish accession, a country whose government is sending the police in to close down opposition newspapers, being fast-tracked are fairly troubling.

  3. The London Stock Exchange and the Deutsche Börse are currently in merger talks. They wouldn’t be doing that if it wasn’t going to be ‘business as usual’ after the referendum vote.

  4. Almost all of the Remainers’ arguments boil down to the IndyRef argument: we’re too wee, too weak, too stupid. Too wee to trade by ourselves, too weak to perform on the international stage, and my buggest bugbear, too stupid to pass proper consumer/worker/environment protection laws without foreigners forcing us to do so.

  5. Nooo Tim.. Keep ’em coming..

    This Brexit thing brings out all the parasites in force.. Makes it easier to spot them, on both sides of the argument.

  6. Serious question, Tim. Are you totally convinced that someone, the French, say, wouldn’t throw a spanner in London’s trading with the EU? Yes, you and I know that they would be idiots to do so, but I for one, wouldn’t put it past them doing so, just because.

  7. I can imagine them trying. And then rapacious markets winning out. As with the original growth of the eurobond market (which had nothing to do with Europe, it was the Americans trying to impose a with holding tax on interest).

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Nautical Nick – “Serious question, Tim. Are you totally convinced that someone, the French, say, wouldn’t throw a spanner in London’s trading with the EU?”

    What makes you think they won’t try to throw a spanner in the City’s works anyway if we remain? In fact it looks to me like they have tried many times to do precisely that. The French don’t cease to be French just because they pretend they love the Germans. They don’t like the City and have been working away to undermine it for years.

  9. Thanks, Tim. ISTM, that if we come out, we are in for a bumpy time for some time, before everything settles down (we hope). It makes me angry that it is as if the EU have grabbed us by the hair. They say it won’t hurt if we don’t struggle, but instead they should let go of our hair.

    SMFS, I don’t disagree with anything you have said in your response. The French have already demonstrated your point in their recent discussions with Cameron. But, though I have doubts about its strength, we have apparently secured some sort of “hands off” agreement if we stay in. To leave would give them the green light for a full assault. It won’t be pretty….

  10. Nautical Nick: some sort of “hands off” agreement if we stay in

    I think you’re right to say “some sort of” because the wording in its standard euro-weaselish way makes it clear that these exemptions are always without prejudice to what the Eurozone countries wish or need to do subsequently.

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