So, how do I find CCTV etc attached to the internet?

OK, so I know about But that’s not enough for me. and the question is, well, how do I go find what I want to find.

I’m interested in being able to find cameras on the internet. Traffic cameras, that sort of thing. And there is that search engine but that’s tens of thousands I think, when there should be tens of millions of the things out there. What I want to be able to do is define a geographic area that I’m interested in and then be able to, somehow, find the cameras that are online in that area. We’ve got a few maps and files: all traffic cameras in Manhattan for example. But does anyone know of a handy technique for searching?

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  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Do you mean “online but trivially insecure” or just “online”.

    There is no easy technique for the latter – the best way would be to search for the very lightweight web servers available on HTTPS but that’s not going to allow easy categorisation.

  2. I’m interested in being able to find cameras on the internet.
    Clarification needed – do you mean:
    find cameras that can be viewed directly over the internet; or
    find a list of all CCTV cameras in a given area using a web page?

    The former was a popular sport about 10 years ago. You find a unique string that appears on the default web page that comes free with some particular brand of Internet webcam and then use Google to search for that specific string.

    The latter needs someone to set up a communal geographic ‘wiki’ that can be updated by anyone who spots a camera – a bit like Parkopedia.

  3. Easiest technique would be to use social media to crowdsource the problem.

    Give people an incentive to send you a geotagged photo of publicly visible cameras plus a picture of what they think it is pointing at.

    Publish a map with all the attributed pictures and offer
    £10,000 for the best picture sent in before 6th June
    (no one needs to actually win the money).

    Use Shodan to find cameras, grab a frame and use image search to try to match to an image on your site (or streetmap).

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