Teacup, meet choppy water

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of “rewriting history” after deleting hundreds of outspoken articles and speeches from his website including a number of pieces critical of the EU.

Just go and look them up on the website of the Morning Star instead.

8 thoughts on “Teacup, meet choppy water”

  1. “A spokesman for the Labour leader said the site is being overhauled to reflect his new position as head of the party.

    They added: “The website has been updated, it now contains things Jeremy has written since he has been leader of the Labour party.

    “That was Jeremy’s website when he was a back bench MP, we are now converting it to reflect his work as leader and afterwards other material will be archived.””

    “We have always been at war with East Asia!”

  2. Time to do a Fatcher on him then. Manufacture quotes he either didn’t say or totally out of context.
    Never punch below the belt when a knee in the groin will serve.

  3. The wider context to this though seems to be his very lukewarm support for the Remain camp. Rumours abound that he may be thinking about stating his support for what he has always believed: Brexit. These articles do set out the classic lefty case for Brexit. What is more, those reasons seem to lefties to be as pertinent today as ever.
    So we have the extraordinary sight of Ritchie’s cheerleaders disagreeing with him on his blog…and Ritchie feeling obliged to allow them through moderation. And up in the Socialist Republic of Merseyside people are beginning to post anti-EU messages about the EU forcing us to privatise our NHS etc.

    These people don’t think for themselves; they are cheerleaders for whatever Lavour is saying this week. Watching them melltdown as the message becomes mixed is just so funny.

  4. Agree with Ironman.

    And from my perspective on the free-market centre-right, I prefer Brexit but if we stay in will be very keen on TTIP 🙂

  5. The other wider context is that the Corbynites have been hopping up and down for a few months after accusing the Conservatives of doing just this.

  6. What Blue Eyes says x 1000. Their scream that TTIP will mean selling NHS franchises is such a pleasure to hear. It will be a concolation should, as I expect, Remain wins. I will say, you turkeys have voted, now Christmas comes.

  7. Dan Hannan calls this the EU’s hideous strength: no politician is Eurosceptic while in office. They talk the talk, but once they’re in a position to do something about it, they don’t walk the walk.

    Corbyn knows the EU lobby would destroy him if he spoke out.

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