Telegraph seems to have changed

Changed the way they load cookies that is. Clearing out the Tele cookies in Chrome no longer gains access to the paper. It seems to load 31 cookies all at once. Thus it states that, even having cleared them, that you’ve had your lot for the month.

Bit of a pity for I quite like reading it, but not enough to actually pay for it.

29 thoughts on “Telegraph seems to have changed”

  1. In the past, I’ve just opened up an Incognito tab as it’s quicker. Might be worth a go.

    That said, if clearing out cookies doesn’t work, I’m trying to think how else they’re tracking. IP address maybe?

  2. & no problems so far with Firefox.
    Chrome won’t facilitate you avoiding cookies? GOOGLE Chrome? Quelle surprise.

  3. Incognito mode works just fine in Chrome. When you’ve read 10 articles with that session, close the incognito window and start a new one.

  4. Now Dan Hodges has taken the Daily Mail’s shilling there is nothing left worth reading at Telegraph Towers. My Chrome incognito access still seems to work ok. That’s lucky.

  5. Works for me in Chrome, never need to clear cookies. I use adblock, ghostery, deny third-party cookie setting, and have some custom deny rules that are probably not needed now.

  6. Don’t know Chrome, but if you use Firefox (or its Pale Moon spinoff) you have the option of being asked what to do with cookies for each new site you visit. You can either allow permanent cookies, allow session-only cookies (deleted when you exit Fx), or not allow cookies at all. Includes 3rd-party cookies.
    Bit of a pain initially, but once you’ve taught it how to handle the sites you regularly visit you only get asked for new sites.

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I use FireFox and automatically delete cookies on close down. I occasionally get the AdBlocker plea from DT ( and all the time from Forbes) which is odd, because I don’t have that add-on installed.

    So far DT hasn’t restricted my access ( apart from the above-mentioned). I think the obits, Booker and Janet Daley are the only articles I actually bother reading these days, so I barely get to the 10 barrier anyway !

  8. Download CCleaner and see just how much space surfing the internet wastes on your machine. It also deletes cookies and is free.

  9. If you use Chrome, just turn on incognito mode. When it tells you you’re done, just close all incognito windows and start again

  10. Another one for the mix – use a simple sandbox:

    Just download and then always browse from within it (I never browse without it). The free version has a 5 second nag when you browse the first site of the day.

    When you come out, the sandbox gets emptied and all record of your visit to that site disappears from the machine.

    Ignoring what the MS OS separately chooses to keep privately on you in their own caches and report back…;)

    PC illiterate? Your web monkey could set it up in 5-10 minutes (and configure it so that for example “any temporary virus” in the sandbox couldn’t see confidential info etc). Oh yes, it’s good against viruses too, they just go zap when you clear / exit the sandbox… Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  11. I agree with Bloke inside M25 – download CrapCleaner and run it after you’ve been reading the Telegraph.

    As it says, it clears off all the crap, including whatever the Telegraph uses to count your reads. I’m using Chrome and I’m still not being stopped by the 10 article limit. If I can use it, anyone can.

  12. I just checked; CrapCleaner still works.

    I opened Telegraph articles until it told me I had reached the limit, then closed Chrome, ran CrapCleaner, went back into the Telegraph and it let me open more.

    Saves you having to poke around finding where their counters are.

  13. Shame on you Tim, LSE should have taught you the value of being plain bloody-minded: Perhaps you were in the wrong department.

    I use Firefox, but you must be able to do something similar in Chrome.
    When you are confronted with the limit:
    right click in empty space on the page.
    Go to “view page information”
    Click on “permissions”
    Scroll down to “set cookies” and untick.
    press button for “block”
    (As a minor refinement go back to the main telegraph page before doing this as you are about to concede your browsing history for this session)

    Go to firefox options (the three bars on the right hand side)
    click on “privacy” and clear current cookies.
    Reload telegraph page.

    If you use CCleaner you will have to carry out the above exercise regularly as you probably have CCleaner set to reset your settings for you.

    If bothered by messages asking you to stop blocking adds, install the extension “No Script”
    I allow scripts in general (I’m not paranoid) and just click “Block Scripts Globally” when confronted with this message- it will disappear, because it’s a script.
    You can refine No Script setting but I don’t bother.

    Of course you could solve all your problems ( well except with women) by getting a VPN. Avast do one – 60 quid for two years as an add-on to their free anti-virus programme.
    You can surf the web as Tim from Salt Lake City.

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