That Turkish immigration deal in full

If you promise not to sneak in then we’ll fly you in for free.

8 thoughts on “That Turkish immigration deal in full”

  1. Just an inane, naive question, but wouldn’t a deal like this require the compliance of the refugees? O r the ones don’t get the free pass’ll carry on infesting the Greek islands.
    Or am I be,ing distressingly non-communitaire?

  2. Various people – Paul the SJW, Ironman, maybe DBC Dolt – will be along in a moment to point out that you are a terrible racist, Timothy. Why else would you be concerned about this? It can only be because you hate brown people. Turks and Syrians are no different to Britons, except insofar as they are superior; we should welcome them with open arms, for they are our future.

  3. In a sane world Turkey would be punished not rewarded for double dealing on the migrant crisis. But the EU isn’t sane. NATO may have entirely different ideas and may be considering suspending Turkey’s membership so as to avoid having to choose whether to invoke Article X (sorry I can’t remember which article it is: an attack on one is an attack on all).

  4. So if you get through Greece undetected, you’re in. If you get thrown back, but other ‘Syrians’ are still getting caught, you’re on the waiting list to get in anyway. If you don’t get in, Turkey will feed you from EU taxes, probably.

    The traffickers must be quaking in their boots.

  5. I’m still trying to work out how, according to the document, 75 million Turks will get visa free access to all EU member states (including the UK), by the end of June.
    Has that half-wit Cameroid gone and signed something totally contrary to our interests, having consulted absolutely no-one?

  6. So this is similar to what I have suggested. My thought was the rest of the EU pays Greece to handle the flood. Instead TPTB decided to use Turkey instead.

    At least someone is trying something.

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