The Telegraph becomes ever more Mail-like

Brexit: What does it mean for house prices?

A headline this morning. Get cancer and immigrants in there and the Mail’s perfect trifecta

10 thoughts on “The Telegraph becomes ever more Mail-like”

  1. You missed this then

  2. Curiously, it was the only front page article tempted me to click on. Not saying I learnt anything. The “investment” element in SE h/p’s means it’s simply down to confidence. Personally, the old broker’s rule of sell in May & go away seems the safest bet. Never wrong to take a profit.
    Who cares about Tory party crises?

  3. @Henry Crun:

    I disagree slightly with your word order. The Express headline would read Princess Diana would have backed Brexit.

  4. “I know of very ill individuals who have arrived for treatment from other countries and gone straight into intensive care costing thousands of pounds a day. When I started in cancer treatment a course of drugs cost around £1,000. Now it’s £60,000 to £100,000.”

    The simple answer is not to treat them; merely offer palliative care (a bed, a morphine drip, food, and an open-dated plane ticket home).

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