This business stuff is hard, isn’t it?

While Cherie Blair’s legal business, advising among others the despotic governments of Kazakhstan and the Maldives, has thrived, her health company took an irretrievable turn for the worst.
Last June, the doors shut on 11 health centres dotted about the UK, which Mrs Blair helped to set up with her American business partner. But details of the failure – and the scale of the debts it left in its wake – can be disclosed for the first time today.

A series of documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph show that the business, called Mee Healthcare, went bust, owing creditors more than £5 million. The taxman alone was owed just over a quarter of a million pounds and a further £180,000 was owed in wages to staff.

There is actually a reason why people who run successful businesses get paid a lot of money. It’s actually quite hard to run a successful business. And investors like to place their money with people who can do it and will pay them handsomely for doing so.

7 thoughts on “This business stuff is hard, isn’t it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There is actually a reason why people who run successful businesses get paid a lot of money.

    This has nothing to do with the Blairs though. Who are simply pimping the prestige of the office of Prime Minister and presumably offering influence.

    Tacky corrupt little people. Debasing the office he held.

  2. BiG: For once exactly right.

    Mee Healthcare? With Cherie on board “MiMi Furst *Healthcare ” would have been a better title.

    * Acknowledgements for the pun to Dr Tara Palmentier.

  3. Well, being a uman rites barrister, charging £1,500 quid for a letter and £50 quid for the stamp, is probably not the best training for advising on how to run a business.

  4. The Blairs are just in it for themselves. To see what leechers they are google Lady Ironside and the Forgotten Ladies.

  5. And yet, it seems that despite not being very good at this business lark, Ms Blair’s business partner was indeed paid a lot of money. I can’t see how this incident proves Tim’s point at all

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