To explain modern art for you

Bhamber, who has an art degree, was enchanted when she discovered the history of her acquisition. “I really didn’t have any idea of what the painting depicted, but I fell in love with it,” she said.

Somebody with an art degree no less, has a painting but has no idea what that painting is of.

He tried to capture its character – which he described as a “diabolical contraption, a dusty hunk of electric and mechanical hardware that reminded me of the disturbing 1950’s Quatermass science fiction television series” – in a near-lifesize two metre by three metre Portrait of a Dead Witch, which he also intended as a joke about the contemporary craze for computer-generated art. He described it as a portrait rather than a still life: “I think I had some idea that the painting brought the computer back to life, or at least to another life.”

It’s a portrait…..

5 thoughts on “To explain modern art for you”

  1. It’s interesting that you seem to imagine that an art degree qualifies its recipient for something, even if that something is only the ability to decipher someone else’s scribble.

  2. Person with an art degree doesn’t recognise abstract painting of a 1950s computer. Frankly most people would struggle to identify it even from a photograph, let alone from an abstract artwork. Not sure what point you’re trying to make.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Piece of crap ends up in its rightful place hanging on the wall of a cafe owned by someone called Bhamber. Now if only the rest of the modern art world ended up in the same place.

    She probably saw the word “witch” and thought it was a feminist statement.

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