Today’s Brexit FUD

The Guardian tells us:

The EU leave campaign has dishonesty at its core – and it hasn’t convinced us

The Independent tells us:

Brexit campaigners have been accused of putting international security co-operation at risk, after the Home Office disclosed that nearly 140 suspected criminals were brought back to Britain to face justice last year under a European Union system.

In the past six years, 785 European Arrest Warrants have been served by police forces to repatriate UK nationals accused of crime and terrorism from other member nations. But this mechanism would come to an end if Britain left the EU.

That’s the extradition system which also works with the US despite the US not being a part of the EU, is it? An extradition system only needing the agreement of the two governments concerned……an extradition treaty as they call it?

26 thoughts on “Today’s Brexit FUD”

  1. In the past six years, 785 European Arrest Warrants have been served by police forces to repatriate UK nationals accused of crime and terrorism from other member nations.

    And don’t forget all that planespotting.

  2. Why do we want them back ? Issue a UK warrant, sieze their UK assets and nick them at the border if they ever return.

  3. The EU leave campaign “hasn’t convinced” The Guardian?

    I am shocked. Shocked!

    Next we’ll be hearing the Lib Dems aren’t convinced either.

  4. The European Arrest Warrant is a pernicious thing which allows other jurisdictions to require the handing over of UK citizens from the UK to frankly dodgy EU jurisdictions without any judicial process in the UK.

    Extremely good riddance.

    Our extradition arrangements with the US are not very attractive either because skewed in favour of the US.

  5. The EU steps into areas previously handled perfectly well by national governments and then the Remainers list these functions as “look what the EU does for us. How could we manage without it?”

  6. There is no convincing some people.

    Its a case of: people who value sovereignty, the ability to elect and remove political leaders and prefer the dirty democratic fight inherent in politics.

    Verses: People who prefer an average performing technocracy that passes laws ‘for our own good’ and to discipline the stupid masses, who if they were asked their opinion would vote wrongly.


  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Ah yes the EAW that pursues families across the continent for the crime of not wanting their son to be butchered by the NHS.
    Or locks up innocent teenagers based on evidence extracted by beatings in Greek prison cells.

    Yep, we want to keep that institution don’t we ?

  8. plus, its a grand total of 140 extradicted back to the UK in a single year.

    And 130/yr seems to be the long term average.

    Out of how many accused total?

    Would seem to me that that 140 is not even a rounding error and wouldn’t be noticed even if they completely stopped.

    Plus, as has been mentioned elsewhere, the EU arrest warrant is about as sketchy as the US DOJ’s actions when dealing with foreign criminals.

  9. ” to require the handing over of UK citizens from the UK to frankly dodgy EU jurisdictions ”

    Someone mentioned Greece, but does it now apply to Romania and Bulgaria?

  10. The European Arrest Warrant is a better deal for the UK than our extradition treaty with the US. If we somehow joined the USA we’d have a better extradition arrangement with the other states of the Union. In this respect, a relatively small country is indeed better off as a member of a union of states.

  11. Either that, or we just shouldn’t let fuckwits like David Blunkett negotiate treaties on our behalf.

  12. Jonathan, whereas we don’t know what exactly any agreement will actually be. Better, worse, the same? Unknowable.

  13. “does it now apply to Romania and Bulgaria?”

    I’ll answer my own question: yes, yes it does,
    thus giving full faith and credit to their legal systems.

  14. “While originally proposed as an anti-terrorist measure the European Arrest Warrant soon became applicable to a wide range of ordinary crimes …”

    Of course.

  15. “Won’t the European Arrest Warrant be a hoot when Turkey is a Member……”

    Well, at least Turkey hasn’t had sharia as part of its legal system since 1924, and it hasn’t yet returned. Yet.

  16. CHF

    Well yes, but insulting the Turkish president is still very much Not A Spectacularly Brilliant Idea, for Legal Reasons.

    In fact, basic functions of journalism etc are becoming very difficult there, for reasons of You’re Nicked, Sunshine.

    There are good reasons to be uneasy about handing over anyone they want.

  17. The Meissen Bison

    CHF: for reasons of You’re Nicked, Sunshine.

    or possibly You Want To Be More Careful On Them Stairs, Sunshine.

  18. This is the tactic. We are leaving “Europe” not the “EU”, so its like we are going to saw the country off and take it into the middle of the atlantic or something like that.

    So, if we leave the EU, it’s not (for example) that we might have to apply to visit France in the way we do the USA or Turkey, it’s that the French won’t allow us to visit France at all.

    Which given the size of their tourist industry is somewhat unlikely.

  19. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    One is not even allowed to say rude things about Attaturk in Turkey – and he’s dead.

    ps I’m all in favour of Turkey joining the EU – can you imagine the chaos ? Brilliant !
    pps The lady who is the Austrian interior minister is the sister of the bloke who did the plumbing in my house in Lower Austria ( well he owns the company).

  20. The Meissen Bison

    Quite, very well put.

    And as for mentioning various goings-on with the Kurds or the Armenians …

  21. Bloke not in Cymru

    Have they claimed yet that the channel tunnel will have to be closed or mysteriously disappear in some way

  22. BNIC: I think they are afraid it might heal up if we leave.

    In other news : SJW exults that shit is nicer than shite.

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