Tuna flavoured beer!

Why not combine two male enjoyments into one product?

A Polish company has set up a crowd-funding page to raise money for a new brand of beer which it claims will be made with bacteria taken from a woman’s vagina.
The Order of Yoni – which takes its name from the Sanskrit word for vagina – is asking for £118,000 (150,000 Euros) to launch ‘Bottled Instinct’, a drink which contains the ‘quintessence of femininity’.
A post on crowd-sourcing website Indie Go Go claims the beer will be made from the ‘lactic acid bacteria’ of Czech model Alexandra Brendlova, who appears in the adverts in negligee.

Slightly weirdly I know someone who has dated Brendlova. No, no news on how the beer will taste, sorry.

14 thoughts on “Tuna flavoured beer!”

  1. I’d be prepared to chuck in a few quid if they could cut out the middle man and allow me to obtain the bacteria from source.

  2. Blegh.

    If there’s anything that could make me swear off women and bat for the other side, it’d be Fannybrau.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    There is a yogurt that is made with the intestinal flora of a Cosmonaut’s excrement.

    Horses for courses I suppose.

  4. Tim,

    You should hold a beer and yogurt party for the TaxJustice People plus Arnald, DBC, Smeller and all the Big G writers who have given us all such laffs over the years. Unfortunately I’ll be away that evening but it is sure to be the greatest giveaway since Andy Jackson opened the White House for cheese and beer.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If ever proof were needed of the dictum that just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you ought to, it’s right here.

  6. Smegging hell, will they be making something similar for the ladies? In a cider maybe? Don’t really want to think about what they’ll be doing for the gayers.

  7. Hmmm.. Thing is, there’s nothing in the healthy vagina that produces alcohol, or can produce it if properly motivated.

    Marking the date, I smell a rat….

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