Well, it’s one explanation I suppose

‘It’s an absolute obsession… she’s got really specific tastes’: Meet Brigit the cat burglar who roams the streets stealing men’s underwear and socks – but only in pairs
Brigit, a tonkinese cat, has taken 11 pairs of men’s boxers in two months
The six-year-old cat prowls the streets of Hamilton, New Zealand, at night
Brigit has also collected 50 pairs of socks and likes to steal them in pairs
The sticky-pawed animal leaves them around the house and backyard
Her owner, Sarah Nathan, is hoping to return them to the original owners

There are other explanations for 11 pairs of men’s boxers turning up at some bird’s house.

10 thoughts on “Well, it’s one explanation I suppose”

  1. I once knew a female cat that went into ectasies over the armpits of unwashed men’s shirts. Dem pheromones…

  2. One of our cats is obsessed with unwashed underwear and socks, another one can’t get enough of handbags. Cats are weird.

  3. Matthew – cats are the eccentric individualists of the pet world. I recently caught one of mine running about the house with a dummy in her mouth.

    The great thing about kitties is, they don’t realise they’re hilarious.

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