Well, that tells me then!

16 thoughts on “Well, that tells me then!”

  1. Oh I dunno…I think it tells you rather a lot. You Tim may think you were discussing economics, but you have just been told that such matters are nothing more than a subset of moral philosophy. And on that ground they win because morals.

  2. Narcissists – particularly of the left are so predictable. What is it with these people that they presume to omniscience and arbitrary authority?

    Good to see them nettled like this – d’ya think with a bit more prodding they can be provoked to auto-combust?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Oddly enough, I too think TW is not fit to lick Willy’s boots.

    But perhaps not in the same way.

  4. Andrew, Hutton has made a tidy living out of sitting on his fat arse telling stupid, low information, low attention span, catchphrase-yelling cunts like you what you want to hear, and then shitting all over the people he ’employs’ when it all comes on top.

    Some moral superiority, you soft prick.

  5. “…then shitting all over the people he ’employs’…”: then his boots would not be good to lick. Thank goodness Tim will be spared that.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    John miller – “If I had to make a choice, I’d sooner lick Willy’s boots than his arse…”

    You know, there are some things that really don’t need to be said.

  7. Clearly, competition for the position of chief boot-licker is more fierce than anyone anticipated…

  8. @dearieme

    Technically, if he shits all over other people then one would wish to avoid licking their boots.

  9. Now that the days of valets and spit & polish are long gone, ‘licking x’s boots’ has a rather tyrannical ring to it.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Theophrastus – “Now that the days of valets and spit & polish are long gone, ‘licking x’s boots’ has a rather tyrannical ring to it.”

    Auberon Waugh always used to say that domestic servants should be tax deductible. We have a problem with the chronically underemployed who in better days would have gone into service.

    So perhaps it is time to follow Waugh’s advice? A little bit of tyranny might do our NEETs no end of good.

  11. SMFS
    Nice idea but today’s NEETs would simply beat you up and rob you, knowing they were looking at at most ten minutes community service (suspended).

    Domestic service won’t work unless the domestics are mortally afraid of being accused of theft or dismissed without a reference.

    No harm in reminding people that it is a communist principle that citizen shall not employ citizen though.

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