Well, there’s an incentive for Americans to vote for Trump

Miley Cyrus was distraught by the results of Super Tuesday – where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both became even closer to securing the nomination for their respective parties.
She has declared she will leave the country if Trump becomes President, and shared multiple posts on Instagram detailing her distress.

Something of a problem for wherever she decides to move to of course but this is an asymmetric problem. The lucky, lucky, recipients don’t have a vote in this, do they?

10 thoughts on “Well, there’s an incentive for Americans to vote for Trump”

  1. And then if she does she’ll discover how atrociously Saint Barack’s administration has been treating Americans abroad.

    Or rather won’t cos she’s rich enough to have a team of accountants sort all that BS for her.

    However all the little people who are claiming to want to move to canada will be in for a shock when they can’t open a bank account.

  2. Further to last – and the only way that BS is going to get any better is if there’s a Repub admin the MSM can blame it on.

  3. There is no problem for an American to open a bank account in Canada. It is just that they need to sign paperwork to allow the Canadian bank to report, withhold and remit 30% of the income earned.

  4. @David,

    Most banks don’t want the hassle, and if they do they only offer basic accounts:


    Same in the UK, Switzerland and other countries. Even NS&I in the UK won’t allow US persons.

    And here’s the terms of business of the share centre in the UK:

    3.6 You confirm that you are not a US person for the purposes of US federal income tax, and that you are not acting for, or on behalf of, a US person. The definition of a US person includes, but is not limited to, US citizens, US residents, US taxpayers or those who hold US dual nationality. In the future, should you become a US person, you agree to inform us immediately and consent to the automatic closure of your Account, or any Account over which you are a trustee or attorney, whether solely or jointly.

  5. I think Trump’s a liar and a statist and a jackass, but that’s because I’ve listened to and read about the cunt. I highly doubt Miley could name any of his ‘policies’ or explain them beyond a headline.

    Mind you, neither can he I suppose.

  6. The Meissen Bison

    Isn’t she the woman famous for wiggling her fundament in a manner considered either vulgar or provocative, depending on one’s viewpoint?

    If I’m correct, then virtue signalling must make a relaxing change.

  7. It’s telling that the only people who carry through on these threats actually do so when Socialist Governments come to power. Gerard Depardieu and Jonny Halliday spring to mind, both tax exiles from France. Revealed preferences and all that.

  8. Actually reading the article, it turns out she’s distraught because Trump is more in favour of hunter’s rights than animal rights.

    Miley writes:
    > It is not your job to decide when a living thing’s life is over.

    I wonder what her view on abortion is?

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