Well, yes, but FFS it’s in Magadan

A dazzlingly ornate apartment with gold walls and even a gold toilet seat has gone on sale in Russia.

The sale shows the way that the sanctions are hitting even the rich, after it went on sale for just 6.5 million roubles (£67,000).

The bizarre apartment is located in the centre of the city of Magadan in north-eastern Russia’s Magadan Oblast region, where it is located on the 2nd floor of a 4-story building.

It’s a standard warning in the property game that you can overdevelop a place for its location. Much beyond running water and a heating system is overdevelopment for Magadan…..

3 thoughts on “Well, yes, but FFS it’s in Magadan”

  1. When developing you always bear in mind the ceiling price for the street. Yes, you can develop so your property is the most expensive on the street, but you tend to do so only by a little, not by being overly ostentatious.

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