Why not a druid healer?

A “Druid faith healer” has been called in by the local authorities of six Brittany villages, frustrated by their failure to find a doctor willing to move to the area.
In an approach reminiscent of the Asterix character ‘Psychoanalytix’, the Druid will offer natural remedies using plants, stones and breathing exercises — but no magic potion. Operating from an office in the town hall of La Roche-Derrien, which has a population of just over 1,000, he gives his first consultation on Friday.
The mayor, Jean-Louis Even, said repeated advertisements for a GP to serve the area, which suffers from a chronic shortage of doctors, had failed to attract a single application from a medical practitioner. However, it did elicit a response from the ‘ancestral healer’, Gwénael Trochet.

The point being that a rather large amount of GP work is either terribly simple or just the process of listening to people and then telling them to go away (the modern version of which is “here are some antibiotics”). As long as whoever is doing that knows when they don’t know that’s fine. Boost it up the line.

That’s not entirely and wholly facetious either…..

11 thoughts on “Why not a druid healer?”

  1. In an approach reminiscent of the Asterix character ‘Psychoanalytix’,

    A name with which British readers will unlikely be familiar: Oliver Kamm’s mother switched it to Getafix for the English versions.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Given what we know about the placebo effect this is probably a good move, cheaper than a GP and saves on drugs.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    But is he a homeopathic druid? I think Prince Charles would like to know.

    I am perfectly happy to pretend to be a naturopathic druid in exchange for a comfortable retirement in France. Preferably somewhere a little warmer than Brittany. It is not as if some weeds from the garden and diluted water could hurt anyone.

  4. Given most of the ‘Druids’ I met, years ago when being a hippy was the mode de jour, were permanently off their face, I assume most treatments will consistent of ‘herbal’ ciggies.

  5. “As long as whoever is doing that knows when they don’t know that’s fine. Boost it up the line.”

    II think that’s less important in France, because the equivalent of GPs don’t have the “gatekeeper” role they have in the NHS. I’m fairly sure in France you can go straight to a specialist. So the GP may as well be a druid.

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