A measure of Swiss seriousness

From the comments:

If a Swiss kid refused to shake female teachers’ hands, there would be hell to pay. Seriously. The parents would be dragged in for an interview w/o coffee.

Without coffee?

My word.

9 thoughts on “A measure of Swiss seriousness”

  1. As they become more enriched the dragging into offices would soon end.

    Anyway, do Swiss teachers get more colds and illnesses than others? I personally don’t like the practice of shaking hands with all and sundry, I try to avoid it when humanly possible. The number of people who don’t wash their hands is appallingly high.

  2. The Laughing Cavalier

    It has already been conceded that male students who belong to the religion of peace need not shake hands with female teachers.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Rob – “As they become more enriched the dragging into offices would soon end.”

    Minnesota has been enriched by the Obama administration. It was too horribly White. The schools have been ordered to stop discipline procedures that have a disproportionate impact. That is, the Feds have told them to stop punishing Black boys. Coz its racist innit?

    A teacher has been fired for complaining about students who have beaten teachers and put them in hospital but have not been suspended.

    We will look back at such innocent days with regret.

  4. By convention, Dutch doctors have to shake the hand of everyone in the room when they enter. Including women in labour with a baby stuck in the birth canal. Seen it with my own eyes.

  5. I sneeze in three

    W/IO coffee. I’ve heard that expression used by the military to mean where an officer is getting a bollocking of his C/O, but things are not being escalated. I suppose it is to maintain the illusion of civility and that as a gentleman an officer would buck his ideas pdq.

  6. Having just done Canadian citizenship tests they make a big thing about being sure you understand history and customs and it had sections in the material about equality for women and LGBT etc.
    Which all seems good until you see the strange behaviour where they are letting people skip bits of the citizenship oath they don’t like, bit about being a subject of the Crown usually. Seems to me if that’s the agreed oath you either accept it or decline citizenship. If they want to change it to drop that bit then that’s another issue, shouldn’t just make it selective

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