This ludicrous election to replace Lord Avebury should be boycotted

People without a vote in an election insist that election should be boycotted.

3 thoughts on “Ahahahaha”

  1. “Even the greatest champions of liberalism would have a hard time filling his shoes – and the assortment of hoteliers and fast-food entrepreneurs standing to succeed him don’t seem to quite measure up.”

    Aah that’s what it’s really about; nobody is good enough to take Daddy’s place.

    I suppose a Guardian opinion column is cheaper than the Freudian psychiatrist you so obviously need.

  2. “Candidates were asked to submit a 75-word statement, some of which verge on the farcical. At the last such byelection, the unsuccessful earl of Limerick wrote his manifesto in rhyme..”

    I should bloody well hope so; no more than 5 lines.

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