Anyone got a bit of mind bleach?

Elsewhere I wrote something less that hagiography about Bernie. At which point 150 Bern Feelers turned up to shout at me in the comments. Just taken 3 hours to respond to them all. Yurch. Mind bleach, someone, please.

13 thoughts on “Anyone got a bit of mind bleach?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well mind bleach might be hard. But just as humming another tune can drive the one stuck in your head out, I may be able to remove the stain on your membrane as it were.

    Imagine Bernie and Hillary having sex. With a cigar.

    Now. Can’t really remember a single one of them can you?

  2. What was wrong with a stock reply?

    “Bernie is an evil cunt and so are you, you vile scum. Remember the 150 million murdered by your kind you mothafuckas.” (Presuming they are mostly Yanks)

    That should do it nicely.

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Still a surreptitious pro-Hillary puff-piece, no matter what you say.


  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Mind you Tim, this sounds like an ideal way to drive traffic to your Forbes columns.

    The Berniebots trigger easily, but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers.

  5. True, true, that one piece earned €1,000 or so yesterday (usefully, as I’ve got to buy a reconditioned engine for the car) and looks fair to make about the same amount today.

  6. The Arnalds on your Forbes comment section usually make the original look pathetic in their refusal to recognise any evidence that doesn’t directly reflect their preferred world view.

    I especially liked the one where one person was calling you a communist while another was accusing you of being in the pay of the Koch brothers. Regarding the same article.

  7. Thanks for the link PF. You saved me a few seconds of search time.

    Hint: TW I’d read more of your articles if I knew where to look.

  8. A few of the gems:

    I bet the writer has never been poor in America. He doesn’t seem to have a clue about what it’s like for a single parent to raise two kids on $600/month, and yes, thank god, food stamps. After he’s done that for a few years, then he can talk about poverty. … ‘Food stamps would be, google tells me, around $500 a month in that situation. So, total annual income for that household (without considering Medicaid, free education, school meals, Section 8, anything else) would be $13,200, or some $4,400 per person a year.'” At last check median income in China is around $2600 a year.

    This is a discussion that we need to have but are most reluctant to. I appreciate Mr Worstall’s article. Bernie Sanders says we need to invest in low income areas but the businesses that remain continue to move away. How is Bernie going to encourage investment? Also thank you Mr Wrostall for addressing education. If the allocation per pupil is so high why are some inner city schools falling apart? Where is the money going? From my childhood to the present, I’m 66, many of our cities have lost most of their once thriving downtowns. I believe this happened due to safety concerns. How do we address that?” A rare, for this comments section, good argument.

    “your a cheap hack Worst-of-all” Although I haven’t seen it I’m sure TW has. I bet the commentard thought he was original.

    There is relative idiocy and absolute idiocy; this article ignores with a studied lack of empathy the range between, and demonstrates the true heartbreak of idiocy. Purchased idiocy is a topic this author may be interested in pursuing.” I’m struggling to determine if this commentard is a relative or absolute idiot.

    “This column is based on cowardice–because you haven’t gotten out of your comfort zone and gotten your own boots on the ground in the major city near you. It is based on a lack of research and imagination to understand that many homeless are mentally ill, addicted, physically impaired and have no address or computer access or social or family supoort to access the programs with any regularity that you and others here cite.” If this commentard had bothered to read the article they would have seen ‘In fact, absent serious mental or addiction problems, I seriously doubt whether there’s anyone at all in the U.S. living on that sort of sum.’

    There seems to be some kind of pervasive inefficency in the modern economy. For example, even most “conservative” person commonly buys auto insurance for instance expects their car to be replaced for an accident that they may have contributed to. ” Isn’t that what we want to achieve? If money is used at 100% efficiency their is nothing left for the pointless tat we want. I wonder if this commentard practices what he preaches and only eats gruel?

    Luckily for the 1%, which you either purposely or accidentally defending, 50″ Walmart televisions and plastic consumables go some of the way of placating us working class chumps. However, that complacency may only last as long as that Walmart TV.” Judging from what people attempt to have the garbage men take, electronics have to be taken to a collection site, I would say that is around two years. The ‘complacency’ has lasted far longer.

    Living under a bridge is absolute poverty. Living in your car while it is parked under a bridge is relative poverty. I wonder if I beat TW in reusing this?

    Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a society where, no matter how stupid, any point can be raised in a debate?

  9. Questions we can answer:

    If the allocation per pupil is so high why are some inner city schools falling apart?

    Because the allocation process has priorities other than maintaining these schools.

    This could be sensible: the schools have too few pupils to be efficient therefore they will be closed shortly.

    Or it could be that administration salaries are more important than building maintenance.

    Either are possible but I know which I’d bet on.

  10. Gawd – the Forbes comment threads are impossible to unpick. There are streams of unrelated comments not replying to the one above – in one page it presented me with 3 consecutive Timmy replies, but to different commenters (none of which was visible on the page served to me).

    I gave up after reading at least enough to realise that teh arguments seemed to be “you are wrong because of feels”.

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