Apparently I’m on Radio Sputnik at 13.25 BST

For some reason Radio Moscow would like the opinion of an Englishman in the Czech Republic on American trade policy.

All a bit global isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Apparently I’m on Radio Sputnik at 13.25 BST”

  1. funnily enough I was having this same converation with a Moscow babe a couple of days ago, the fact that we could have shouted to each other through the paper thin walls of my apartment would probably be lost on the SA businessman who was funding all of this.

    Egged on by her enormous tits we discussed merceneries from Bosnia via Chechnya (not Chekia, that cost 12 to clear up) to Ukraine (all funded with UN $)

    She was well aware of money laundering being a bad thing,
    her IP resolved to somewhere in Romania, mine to somewhere in the Netherlands.

    The only thing we had in common was US $

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