CIA tests new post-natal abortion technique

Briar Woods High School, a half-hour drive from the CIA’s headquarters in Northern Virginia, might have provided an ideal training ground for the agency’s bomb-sniffing dogs. Its labyrinthine hallways and voluminous classrooms are home to something that can wreak havoc for the canines: polished floors, which cause dogs to slip and lose their focus as they hunt for explosives.

That was one reason the school, which educates nearly 1,700 students in Ashburn, played host to a CIA dog team for a training exercise while students were away for spring break last week, according to the Loudoun County school system. But the choice to go to a public school for the quiet exercise has led to an only-in-Washington embarrassment for the elite spy agency, which left explosive material behind in the engine compartment of a school bus that then shuttled special-needs schoolchildren for two days this week.

A mechanic discovered and removed the explosive putty – which county Supervisor Koran Saines, D-Sterling, said was the demolition explosive C-4 – during a routine bus maintenance check Wednesday. Until then, no one noticed that it was missing.

If people won’t get rid of the special needs kids in utero then the government must take action, right?

Although one does rather suspect that this was planned by the Amanduh section of that venerable organisation.

4 thoughts on “CIA tests new post-natal abortion technique”

  1. What a waste of money.

    A bunch of morons who have seen too many movies playing themselves.

    Yes C4 is less dangerous than CH4 without a detonator but if any of us had done such a stupid stunt and then bungled it would that matter at our legal crucifixion?

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