Currently dribbling nicely

That first thing in the morning visit to the dentist does rather leave one drooling nicely from the effects of the cocaine.

11 thoughts on “Currently dribbling nicely”

  1. If you’d followed the teachings of the Maharishi, Tim, you’d have been able to transcend dental medication.

    I thank you.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    John you are a hero.

    I hope TW supported my call for natural dentistry and he rejected any artificial pain killers. Myself, I always demand free trade coke.

  3. I attribute the somewhat shorter lifespan of Americans (versus much of Western Europe) to their love of excessive dental work.

    Not only do they pay the price by receiving uniformly ugly mouths packed with tombstones, the poor buggers die earlier. And it all costs them a packet. How odd addiction is.

  4. When have a local anaesthetic it’s weird to realise how much of your body runs on automatic feedback and you have to do everything on manual. Last time after the dentist I had to keep putting my hand to my face to check where my mouth was.

  5. Yr doin it wrong.

    My dentist uses some super-duper modern anaesthetic that works almost instantly (with a tiny un-noticeable needle) and leaves no after-effects or numbness – even for the dreaded root canal thingy.

    Time to find a new (younger) dentist?

  6. AD

    Indeed, it’s quite remarkable how painless and quick most dental procedures are now, I find the worst thing is the cleaning with those alien type probes that get into all the soft parts of your mouth. I left my last dentist because he did that process like a navvy excavating the Union canal.

  7. Joking aside, Tim, all too many dentists still use the outdated lidocaine which gives you the dead lips you describe and to which some people are resistant, There are better alternatives these days (i.e. mepivicaine).

    As Andrew says, a younger dentist would be a good start.

  8. I’m in Czech at present. And so am limited rather to what the one English speaking dentist in town uses.

  9. Tim,

    Buy your own anaesthestic and ask your dentist to use it. They all come in the same vials.



    Does your dentist use Intraosseous local anesthesia?

    I generally require 1.5 or 2 times the anaesthetic most patients require to numb me up which results in an adrenaline high and hyperactive Pcar.

    Disclosure: Mrs Pcar is a dentist


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