Do the three get a freebie?

A Norwegian fighter jet on a training exercise jet mistakenly machine-gunned a control tower with three officers inside, who survived unhurt, the military said Sunday.

Two F-16s were taking part in a mock attack on the uninhabited island of Tarva off Norway’s west coast when one of them opened fire with its M61 Vulcan cannon, which is capable of firing up to 100 rounds a second.

You know, a sort of return match? right, you, pilot, stand just there. You three, there’s your .50 cal machine guns. You have five seconds, starting……NOW!

4 thoughts on “Do the three get a freebie?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Mistakenly? Like the anonymous officer rumoured to have been shot in the back during an attack at Waterloo?

    A 50 cal is hardly fair. The F-16 doesn’t shoot pathetic little bullets like those. It shoots 20 mm cannon shells. I am amazed there was much left. His heart could not have been in it.

  2. Somewhat puts into perspective some of the “devastating” weaponry claims the RAF & their arms industry business partners are always trying to sell us. Two goes & all they can show is a couple of holes.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    You can kill an aircraft with a sharpened screwdriver and a 12 oz ball pein hammer. Concrete structures are a bit tougher, but significantly harder to get airborne.

  4. “It is the second time in six years the tower has been fired on in error by F-16 jets – no one was injured either time”

    Any chance the same bastard was in the tower both times?

    More importantly is the tower that well protected or is the F-16 just not very good if the targets aren’t on camels or their modern equivalent?

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