Don’t think this really works, does it?

ISIS have been accused of killing its own wounded fighters in order to sell their organs on the black market in Iraq.
The shocking claims were made by the Arabic-language al-Sabah newspaper, who quoted an unnamed source in Mosul.

I’m always terribly suspicious of this sort of claim (as with ones about Serbs back a while). I don’t think there is in fact a “black market” for random organs extracted. The other way around, yes, there might be. People register (or are forced to possibly) and are tissue typed and matched then when someone wants one they’re taken. Just like regular donation in fact, although cash is involved. But here’s Ahmed in his sick bed. Quick, take his kidneys to sell!

Now what?

7 thoughts on “Don’t think this really works, does it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It might depend on how many dying people they have. If you are a fat Kuwaiti with diabetes and you need a new kidney, you might be able to turn up, they have a few thousand sick people, one of them might be a match.

    But I think it is sensible to be skeptical.

    On the other hand after WW1 people refused to believe the Germans were killing people and rendering down their corpses. Only the truth was worse than that. Everyone thought Stalin was a nice guy at one point. Only he wasn’t. Chomsky defended Pol Pot. Some times horror stories are true.

  2. Plus –these are nutters with a cause. If you want people to fight and die for such then the honoured dead are not going to be sold off for spare parts. Nor is it likely the wounded are polished off as a cash proposition.

  3. Maybe it’s different for warriors, who are assured of their posthumous reward,but I can remember a particularly stinky fridge, in the hospital I trained in, filled with carefully labelled plastic bags containing Muslim placentas awaiting collection; surgeons had to be similarly conservative with removed bits and remind pathology to return specimens. They are also the group least likely to donate body parts of terminal loved ones, especially as they may end up in an infidel.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Before ISIS starts chopping up its own fighters, it is likely to chop up infidels. They have limited need for captured males anyway. The question is whether they can find an imam who will tell them it is Islamic to remove a few kidneys.

  5. Isn’t this just another Isis running out of money story? Like the one the other day about keeping the war chest topped up by imposing fines for traffic infringements in Raqqa. How likely does that sound?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    John Price – “Like the one the other day about keeping the war chest topped up by imposing fines for traffic infringements in Raqqa. How likely does that sound?”

    Ferguson-on-the-Tigris? Actually that sounds plausible to me.

    Low IQ people have limited choices for running good governments. Especially when the law prohibits them from raising taxes.

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