Have you heard of the categorical imperative, asshole?

Read Kant, you cunt.

These people get to do whatever they want. And do you want to know why fuckface? Because they’re fucking human beings.

Just glorious, glorious.

6 thoughts on “Have you heard of the categorical imperative, asshole?”

  1. I don’t really know who this is aimed at?
    I assume it’s aimed at the ‘neo nazis’ – who are obviously scummers – but then a lot of the grey people it mocks do just seem to be ordinary boxheads.
    Either way, they’re not the real issue, not even the nazis, and the people who are the real issue are not really bothered by humorous videos and self-deprecation.
    I’ve spent a lot of time in Germany and in the Middle East, and while I’ve seen a few arabs shaking hands with Jews it’s more common in the ME. Not that it’s easy for Jews there… There used to be a reasonably sizeable Jewish community in Bahrain, for instance. I believe there are thirty-six of them left, and they tend not to flaunt it.
    Anyway, in short, I don’t think Germany is going to avoid its coming problems by being ‘nice’.

  2. Is there any difference between a well integrated religious minority in 1930 and a foreign religious (and also antisemitic) minority in 2020?
    Asking for a friend, obviously, as these nice Germans are pretty scary.

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