Justin says:
April 12 2016 at 9:02 am
Surely then on the same basis, someone like yourself should also publish his tax returns? Same should apply to others from civil society who make it their business to comment on other peoples tax affairs (Christensen, Shaxson etc – how about Polly too?)

Richard Murphy says:
April 12 2016 at 9:36 am
I voluntary publish my accounts and all major sources of income already – more than a tax return would show

In the post itself:

The BBC seem to have decided that I am the person to argue for all tax returns being placed on public record as a consequence of my having very strongly supported this measure for MPs and members of the House of Lords. I did several broadcast interviews on the issue yesterday.

You do get beer money for a BBC interview. not a lot perhaps, £50, that sort of thing for 20 minutes on radio. But three or four in a day adds up. Anyone recall whether that turns up in the accounts he lets us see?

Justin says:
April 12 2016 at 9:51 am
Perhaps you could publish your accounts, LLP Fulcrum, any other bodies you have set up and of course your personal accounts for past 3 years on this blog seeing this is a current issue.

If you have published these in the past, they are well hidden.

Richard Murphy says:
April 12 2016 at 10:05 am
I make clear my sources of funding n this blog

I publish the full LLP accounts at Companies House

Yeah, and the LLP accounts don’t show tax paid because it’s a pass through entity.

19 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. It’s not just Murphy’s affairs that are relevant.

    According to his oft repeated assertions his wife is an integral and essential part of his main business, being a member of the LLP (and is most emphatically not there solely to provide the extra person required for an LLP to be formed thus offering limited liability for him).

    Therefore we need the affairs of the whole unit of Mr and Mrs Murphy to publish their separate tax returns. It would have the additional benefit of finding out how much the part time or currently on sick leave GP is earning/costing the taxpayer.

  2. There is a world of difference between published LLP accounts and the partners’ (plural ha ha) tax returns. For example a set of partnership accounts might include a note to the effect that tax is being paid on certain income. As tax is paid by the partners and not the partnership though, that statement is worthless at best; at worst a downright lie.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Slightly off topic.

    Someone was talking about the Journal of Political Economy on a podcast I won if the 0.2 professor has an obligation to be published as this would be an obvious place, assuming he can get through peer review without throwing his toys out of the pram.?

  4. Do tax returns show offshore funds that people don’t pay tax on? If not, then what’s the point of publishing them?

  5. “Richard Murphy says:
    April 12 2016 at 10:05 am
    I make clear my sources of funding n this blog”

    No he fucking doesn’t the lying toad, as per his “about” section…

    “I have also been offered a grant of £25,000 a year from a private trust that has asked that I do not publicise their name because of the number of requests for funding that otherwise follow and the burden that this imposes.”

    We can’t possibly say that it’s the “Friends Provident Foundation” that was funding him.

  6. He really is a pillock, isn’t he? And did he really once practice as a Tax Accountant? If so, no wonder he had to pack it up.

  7. I see as of this morning Ritchie thinks this thing has all been a distraction. We should stop talking about it now. Funny; he didn’t seem to think that when the focus was squarely on Cameron’s tax return.

    For my part I am finding this more interesting by the day.

  8. Plus – he’s arguing for other to publish their *returns* because the return collects all that info in one easy to access document and you can go straight to the bottom line.

    So his ‘I publish my accounts but you need to put the data together while all those fatcats need to publish their returns so as to make my hobby easier’ stance is hard to take seriously.

  9. Murphy’s law

    Accounts are inadequate to show the underlying and actual tax positions of entities and their owners, so we need additional disclosures to show the actual tax return and payment positions to check.

    This does not apply to any entity controlled by R Murphy.

  10. He rubbished the voluntarily disclosed tax information given in KPMGs LLP accounts yet seems to expect us to accept that the lack of any tax information at all in his own LLP accounts is all the disclosure he needs to make.

  11. And, no surprise, we get this comment in that blog from the irretrievably vile and disgusting Carol Wilcox, one of the most assiduous and precioussssss of Murphy’s camp followers:

    It is notable that Cameron’s revelations, limited as they are, only cover the last 6 years – Osborne’s just last year’s. It is highly likely that Cameron’s financial affairs were drastically overhauled in 2010. I would be content with a confession of bad behaviour and a promise to be good in the future

  12. Bravefart

    She’s one of the ‘Gang of Four’ who effectively are quite happy with murder provided it’s for the greater good’ – not hard to imagine her signing death warrants in another life – humourless, priggish and deeply nauseating – rather like the man himself!

  13. @Noel
    I think you omitted to mention the KENNETH MILLER TRUST. That provider of £25k of funding to Richie research that cannot be named by him again, because he’s promised not to disclose it in case the trustees get a barrage of applications for their money from the wrong sort.
    I’m in favour of discretion, which inevitably results in some funders being kept secret from the public. But it does make TRUK look like both an endorser and an objector to secrecy.

  14. @Henry Marsh

    You are missing the point. the KENNETH MILLER TRUST wants to protect its privacy for “reasons” and therefore it is right for Murphy to keep them secret. But rich, right wing people have no right to secrecy because…….JUSTICE.

  15. Bloke in north Dorset

    He’s a practicing professor, they aren’t usually expected to publish, just do some teaching so the real professors can spend more time publishing

  16. Are LLP accounts anything like ordinary partnership or sole trader accounts? If so you’d have no idea how much tax was paid in that tax year, as taxable income can be vastly different to accounting income. I could declare an accounting profit on my business of £100k and pay zero tax due to capital allowances applied on the tax return.

  17. @Jim

    Partnerships and LLPs are tax transparent. An LLP doesn’t pay tax so there needn’t be any reference to tax paid by the partners.

    Grants from, say, the KENNETH MILLER TRUST, might be declared as income in LLP accounts but treated as non-taxable income in a tax return.

    Then there might be other income outside of the LLP accounts that we know nothing about.

    In other words Murphy operates behind a cloak of secrecy over his tax affairs. It makes you wonder if he is hiding something.

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