I predict the major outcome of the Panama Papers

I rise in inquiries to internet security firms from legal firms.

5 thoughts on “I predict the major outcome of the Panama Papers”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It would be malpractise if they didn’t.

    I predict the major outcome is going to be that the media resolutely ignores everything to do with the Guardian and Alan Rusbridger. Loyalty among thieves means they will cover up for each other.

  2. Don’t forget the wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the usual suspects when, for all the time and effort expended, HMRC finds that only a trivial amount of tax was evaded.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It would be funny if the leakers got some Po-210 flavoured tea courtesy of Vlad the Evader.

  4. The narrative being spun around this is baffling to me. Various leaders and apparatchik of shit hole countries get outed as having billions stashed away (no surprise), yet all the energy is focused on the so-called ‘elite’ tax evading, when there is barely a sniff of any actual evidence.

    Here is some idiot suggesting that all that money nicked from the poor people stuck in shit hole countries gets nicked by the US to pay for UBI….


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