I wouldn’t use the word “still” here

Much of the falloff is attributable to the stuggling Chinese economy, still the second-largest market in the world for Apple products behind the US

It’s only very recently become the second largest market…..

5 thoughts on “I wouldn’t use the word “still” here”

  1. I wouldn’t have used the word “stuggling” either, but then again, I’m not a Grauniad columnist.

  2. Judging by my experience, the market is probably flooded with broken or obsolete iPads, iPhone and iPods. Just a lot of that market haven’t wised up and stopped buying like for like replacements yet.

  3. China just blocked the iTunes Store for videos and books so expect it to drop further.

    It seems that these big companies just don’t get China. The CCP will use them and then fuck them over like they do to everyone. Stop licking their arse because it will get you nowhere, these bullies understand only action.

  4. While China has managed to improve it’s economy greatly I still don’t see any way to claim that there is a reliable market for consumer goods. I’d find the news of everything going well for Apple to be surprising. This is just a, well, what did you expect, story.

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