Interesting from the Telegraph

Where is it legal to buy sex in Europe?

Presumably they’ve seen the traffic Punternet gets and have decided to start publishing how to guides.

5 thoughts on “Interesting from the Telegraph”

  1. I see the map is divided into legal/illegal/unavailable. Are we to infer that the women in the ‘unavailable’ nations do it only for love?

    Or that the Terriblegraph just gave up when most of the map was coloured in?

  2. It seems that Belgium and Luxembourg are unavailable. How can this be true when we know that the EU institutions are there? The very idea of a Commissioner going without is unthinkable.

  3. Wonder how accurate they are; don’t these laws usually have a bit more nuance than “legal or illegal”? Would be amusing if someone sued the Telegraph, having been nicked in a country they said it was allowed.

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