Let’s cut out the middlemen here

A super PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is organizing a $1 million task force to combat negative attacks against her online.

Send me some money and I’ll stop posting about the bitch your future Madam President . Much easier.

7 thoughts on “Let’s cut out the middlemen here”

  1. So they want people to stop telling the truth about the evil, lying, crooked, security breaching slag.

  2. But Tim, if they want to directly bribe you and other critics ther’ll need a lot more than a million.

  3. Nah, concerning American politics I’m cheap. Half a million and I’ll lay off Hills until Jan 21 next year, no problem.

  4. Tim I’ll let you have the half rock if you leave me the rest.
    $1 million. Peanuts in US elections.

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