Lying toad is lying toad

Tax competition
The Panama Papers
The evidence that tax abuse take place on the industrial scale we have always expected

Well, no. Cameron paid all his UK tax, on time and in full. 90% of Indians in the Panama Papers were in accordance with the law in that country. What we’ve actually got is evidence that your claims are and always have been wildly overblown.

This is the foundation of so called tax competition
Tax competition cannot exist without tax havens
As their supporters make clear, tax havens are the locations from which tax competition is pursued
But this is not competition or anything akin to it
It is in fact the exact opposite: the whole purpose oftax competition is intended to undermine anything that approaches a
Well regulated
Consistently taxed
Competitively effective environment

Twat. If France and the UK have different tax rates that is tax competition.

The result is that it is clear that tax competition is totally inappropriately named
Tax competition is in fact tax war on
The efficient allocation of capital
Representative government
Working people
And any semblance of justice in all these fields

Time to gird and go to war against France again then because they do have different tax rates to us. Higher, true, but that then means that they’re a MOAR CURAJUS STATE and thus business and people should be fleeing our shores for there.

The language of tax competition should then be ignored
As should the weasel words of those who promote it
Tax competition is nothing less than a war on society as we know it

He’s lost it, hasn’t he?

13 thoughts on “Lying toad is lying toad”

  1. The USA has an overall lower rate of taxation than the UK and the state of Delaware has secrecy laws.

    So let’s declare war of the USA.


  2. “Tax competition is nothing less than a war on society as we know it”

    The State equals Society? Do you suppose that Ritchie knows that’s exactly what Mussolini thought?

  3. But tax competition could mean that some blogger (nobody in particular in mind you understand) might be able to say his income is actually a grant and so not pay tax on it – and never reveal his tax returns. Another blogger must pay tax on his income. That first blogger has more money and so can spend his days on that blog and on being an ‘activist’ or even ‘academic’ whilst the other blogger must go and work for a living.

  4. Ironman

    Are you saying that the first blogger is a scheming and conniving rent seeker of the worst order who does not think he needs to pay tax as the money is a grant that is there to allow him to fulfill his quasi religious duty of preaching to all and sundry of how to be virtuous by donating money to the Great Church of the Nobel Courageous State?

  5. Jonathan

    Yep – it’s no holds barred – he is no longer speaking merely for ‘Civil Society’ but is in fact the voice of society itself. Be careful, though – if he is allowed on the prison PC Lawrence from Guernsey will call you various names for pointing out the similarities between the Sage of Downham Market and the author of the ‘Doctrine of Fascism’.

  6. ” thus business and people should be fleeing our shores for there’s (i.e. France).”

    The twat should go to Kensington one day and see what effect his policies have…

  7. Well, to be honest I have no objection to a war of conquest against France. Run properly I’m sure France could be quite profitable.

  8. How very dare Cameron, accountants and other investors act in BLATANT accordance with the law. Goodness, they will be obeying speed limits and returning library books on time if unchecked by Mr Ritchie and his army of SJWs. This is clearly the start of a very slippery slope. Who knows where this rampant law abiding behaviour will end…

  9. Presumably after that rant his keyboard is a bashed ruin.

    Ironically, being an LLP can’t he claim the cost of a new keyboard as a business cost and claim back the VAT? You know, avoiding tax?

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