Nice to see the old standards being upheld

All members of a rioting mob are equally guilty: Gujarat High Court

Although didn’t we need the Riot Act to be read before that was so?

6 thoughts on “Nice to see the old standards being upheld”

  1. To Tim’s point, only to create in those circumstances the offence of failing to disperse from an unlawful assembly.

    The Indian charges appear to be what we would term “joint enterprise” for things which are crimes anyway.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “We talk about banditry, brigandage and barratry. “Dacoity” is almost identical, just with the Hindi noun.”

    One of them seems a little out of place. Isn’t barratry simply over zealous use of the legal system to pursue a private goal? Nothing to do with banditry at all.

    It has those lovely cousins champerty and maintenance. Maintenance being paying someone else to carry on a law suit and champerty to support someone else in a law suit for a share of the profits.

    Which explains why we don’t use these terms any more – they are not illegal. They are positively a public good. Call barratry a SLAAP suit and the Left loves them. Call champerty a no-win no-fee suit and the legal profession will fall over themselves to chase ambulances for the public benefit.

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