Oi! You! Stop That!

Food campaigners have cautiously welcomed an announcement by the food giant that makes Dolmio pasta sauces that it will be advising consumers to eat the products only occasionally amid suspicions that the headline-grabbing move pre-empts the government’s childhood obesity strategy.

The announcement by Mars Food was met with scepticism from the food and farming alliance Sustain, which warned that there was a danger that labelling foods as for “everyday” or “occasional” use would just further confuse shoppers.

Malcolm Clark, of Sustain’s children’s food campaign, said it would have been better for the company to make a categorical statement in support of colour-coded front-of-pack nutrition labelling and to encourage other manufacturers to follow suit.

He said: “Mars’s commitments contain the usual weaknesses of a voluntary approach. There are few quantifiable targets, reformulation is only suggested for certain products, there is seemingly no connection with Public Health England’s new Eatwell Guide, and no mention at all of changing their marketing and promotions.”

You’re entirely missing the point here. We don’t want you to do something that might work. You must only do what we tell you to.

12 thoughts on “Oi! You! Stop That!”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    the usual weaknesses of a voluntary approach

    Would anyone like to swap my Dolmio coupons for their gin ration?

  2. The problem is cowardly weakness by business people. Telling people not to buy your products too often? Does poverty appeal to these lads such that they want to help wind up their own livelihood?

    Instead put money down for private detectives. Any political pig who votes for or supports the “obesity” rubbish –even just verbally–gets all their dirty laundry aired in public. Likewise the SCS–time those arseholes stepped into the light. None of the poli-pigs are bright enough to come up with their shite unaided.

    If we don’t fight them they will walk all over us.

  3. Unsurprisingly, Mr Clark is a Labour councillor in Streatham. His LinkedIn profile is an interesting catalogue of non-jobs.

  4. Tell you what, Dolmio, I won’t buy your stuff ever again.
    That way your conscience is clear, and I don’t support a firm that encourages the rampant growth of the nanny state.

  5. Presumably the humble “Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” Mars Bar will be an every day food. 😉

  6. I buy Prego. I like the taste. Change the label, and I’ll still buy Prego.

    Food campaigners? I think that’s British for “food fascists.”

  7. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    Surely if the people who bought bad-for-you convenience foods had the time, inclination or ability to check and understand food-labelling, they wouldn’t be buying them in the first place.

    A pointless charade.

  8. Sustain believe British people are as thick as fuck. The word ‘occasional’ will confuse people? Really?

    The contempt they hold you in is total.

  9. Malcolm A grade tosser Clark has a masters in British Parliamentary politics but still considers himself qualified to advise us what our children should eat, what a cunt.

  10. Funding
    “The alliance is independent from the agri-food industry and is funded from grants (from charitable foundations and government or government related sources), membership subscriptions and sales of publications”

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