Quite right too

A famous chef’s vegan offerings proved to be so unpopular at a soup kitchen in Italy with homeless people, some threatened to “return to the streets”.

TV star Simone Salvini, from Tuscany, created a healthier menu for the Antoniano shelter in Bologna but some of those in need rebelled against the vegan food and said they needed meat.

“Some of the poor people told me ‘we are heading back to the streets because we need meat’,” Salvini said, the Times reported.

I mean, come on, a house or bacon? Make a choice!

So, err, you say this roof is worth 3,000 bacon butties, do you?

18 thoughts on “Quite right too”

  1. 1. Vegetarian is OK to good – vegan pretty much sucks.

    2. If you’re turning your nose up at vegan food, then maybe you aren’t in such dire straits that you need to go to the local homeless shelter for food.

  2. Can’t blame them really. I’d rather be homeless than eat vegan too.

    But ‘I’m leaving the country if x gets elected’ spring to mind…

  3. Known quite a few vegans. London’s low postal code numbers seem to be overrun with them & they don’t exactly keep it a secret. One thing they all seem to have in common is looking so bloody ill. Pasty faced, poor skin, lack of energy. And of course, they all seem to be on “alternative” therapies for one thing or another.
    It’s probably healthier living on the streets as long as you do a bit of skip diving, back of Tescos.

  4. Yes. Keeping healthy while being vegan is hard work. Given that the starting point is homeless people, a group not notorious for their robust good health, it seems like an SJW experiment too far.

    We contribute to the local Sally Ann feeding / food bank. They are pretty emphatic about what they want from us (I assume they have a deal with the local supermarkets for fresh & frozen). Good healthy stuff: scotch broth mix, dried pasta, tinned tuna & tomatoes, etc. The sort of stuff to make a pot of the sort of meal we, in less straightened circumstances, might use to line our stomachs prior to a heavy night out or have as “range stew”.

  5. “(I assume they have a deal with the local supermarkets for fresh & frozen)
    Do wonder how much that’d be.
    Manager of one of the UK supermarket chains, operates down here, is a friend of mine. I’ve asked her how much food waste they generate. Store with a weekly turnover, well north of a million, she reckons a couple bin bags a week.And that’s pretty well all low demand stuff with damaged packaging. Staff buy what doesn’t go reduced, on hefty discounts

  6. I’ve eaten loads of amazing vegan meals.. wouldn’t want to be doing it every day though.

    This reminds me of the tramp outside my student-days Co-op. He’d always ask for cigarettes, then complain when you gave him Marlboro Lights.

  7. Classic Progressivism – find some victims, force your beliefs on them while claiming to ‘save’ them.

  8. Bologna; the home of spaghetti al ragu. The homeless may be hungry but they’ve got standards and no Bolognese, self respecting or not, is going to eat vegan.

  9. “Nearly half of death row prisoners were sentenced for drugs trafficking – a punishment that violates international law – and many are foreigners”

    Why does “many are foreigners” matter? European honkies shouldn’t get the same justice as the locals?

  10. Tim W can’t spell “or” now. Not a good look for a website that claims to embody the best of conservative values.

  11. Can you imagine the ‘progressive’ reaction if (say) a Christian run soup kitchen forced their beliefs on the poor in this way?

    I think there would be a sort of spontaneous combustion of self righteousness.

  12. Reedy: Socialism murders 150million human beings but our side can’t spell.

    Good to see leftist “values2 in action.

  13. This story reflects very well on Italy and Italian food culture, maybe not so well on others.

    This chef is from Tuscany, and may well have been seduced by the opportunity to sell beancurd to Islingtonians and similar at hilarious prices.

    It may have become a habit. He needs to go home to Mama.

  14. TW has spoiled the fun by correcting his spelling mistake.
    Next thing he will be correcting his political mistakes by criticising tax avoiders once in a while.

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