Salma Hayek’s fun, yes, but…..

Salma Hayek: Hillary Clinton Is the Only One Who Can Take On ISIS

Mexican actress married to French billionaire is the one to tell us how an American President should take on Arab nutters?

How does that work?

20 thoughts on “Salma Hayek’s fun, yes, but…..”

  1. That’s vying with Bono’s suggestion to fight them with comedy.

    I understand that luvvies re adjacent to reality, what I don’t understand is why their opinion on ISIS matters. Why is Bono talking to a Senate committee about ISIS?

  2. She’s plugging a new film. Standard technique: talk about subject of film, making of film, people involved in film, add batshit crazy random nonsense (Hillary will take on ISIS mano a mano, steaming your bee’s vagina is the secret of eternal youth, etc) to allow click bait headline to increase readership of article.

  3. Someone who lies and pretends to be something they are not for a living supports someone who lies and pretends to be someone they are not.

    Whats not to understand?

  4. Her ego is bigger than her tits.

    She is what you might call a”trap” woman. The packaging is such as to rob a man of all sense but the contents are a draught of death. There are quite a few about.

    If you could avail yourself of the former and avoid the latter you would be a very lucky or a very adroit man.

  5. @Rob

    ‘Why is Bono talking to a Senate committee about ISIS?’

    I thought that. But then I saw that they’d whipped Abu Hamza out of clink to advise them on twelve bar blues and it all made sense.

  6. Why is Bono talking to a Senate committee about ISIS?

    I think dropping Bono on ISIS is only one step short of dropping an H-bomb. I’m not sure which I’d rather have turn up on my doorstep…

  7. I agree with Ms Sayek. Hillary is the only way we can defeat ISIS and the sooner she is parachuted into Syria the better…

  8. Arse, Hayek….

    Ecks, I started to read your comment but got distracted by thinking about Salma’s Wondrous Globes of Joy.

  9. Devastating, innit, that a beazel could be such a sort, and such a pillock?

    It’s like devilish cognitive dissonance.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    BraveFart – “Salma Hayek’s fun, yes Salma Hayek’s funbags, YES!”

    Well yes but I see a slight problem – incentives matter. If you tell impoverished Third World Muslim boys that if they join a Jihadi group they will have a buxom Mexican actress air dropped on them, well, it may not exactly hurt recruiting.

    I might be tempted to grow a beard and buy a box cutter myself.

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