Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination

Well, who wouldn’t want to watch a public execution by beheading?

Well, OK, perhaps lots of people actually. But there’s nothing like niche marketing these days, is there? Actually, you could probably (do I mean probably? No, certainly) make a very pretty penny indeed by charging exorbitant sums and guaranteeing that there will indeed be the fun at the mosque, Friday after prayers. 5 day trip to Dubai for the booze and the hookers, Friday arvo’ off in the copter to whichever Saudi town is having one.

Depending on how much the Saudis want to go for this tourist thing you might even get them to schedule for you. Possibly even arrange to up the rate. Well, maybe not that last but I bet ISIS would….

7 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination”

  1. Well they do have a sort of tourism industry already. It’s called The Haj: millions of people each year on pilgrimage to Mecca. If they can’t make a bob or two out of that, then they really are an incompetent bunch of goat herders.

  2. Recusant,

    Until oil, it was the main source of Saudi income.

    The problem is that most of the income from that isn’t from rich Westerners

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    A couple of years ago, there was an advert for a new executioner in Saudi, because the existing team couldn’t keep up ( sounds a bit like Blackadder).

    I was going to apply, I like the sound of the Saudi government, they’re very much a “hands off ” employer !

  4. I liked the interview with a second generation executioner who said he had to perform more hand jobs on prisoners than his father (as well as foot jobs and occasional head amputations).

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