Seems logical enough

British border guards are virtually powerless to stop and detain Britons they suspect of returning from jihad or terrorism training, a whistle-blower has disclosed

UK Border Force guards have “zero discretion” to detain and interview travellers trying to re-enter Britain if they hold a UK passport and have not been “flagged” by police or security services.

Possession of a British passport gets you entry to the British Isles. Yes, and?

It’s not as if we have the concept of exile these days, is it? In fact, I think we’ve signed a treaty saying we can’t, haven’t we?

5 thoughts on “Seems logical enough”

  1. Surely we can treat jihadis joining a foreign state as having emigrated and renounced their citizenship.

    Then the best course of action would be to assist any that might want to follow (even with free one-way plane tickets) while making damn sure that none of them can ever return.

  2. Put a Bobby in the arrivals lounge who can interrogate any dodgy-looking arrivals.
    “So, these stamps in your passport show you’ve been in Syria for the last four years; you have one limb fewer than when you left the UK, and your bag is ticking loudly. Come this way please.”
    This isn’t even a legal problem, it’s a matter of deploying the right people to the right places.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    We need to undo all the immigration since Windrush. If any one of them comes back, the border guards should rip up their passport and suggest they find somewhere else to call home.

  4. Because the streets again running with rivers of blood, as they did in July 2005, is not acceptable- and easily preventable by simply encouraging people who don’t belong within hundreds of miles of Europe, let alone Britain, to leave.

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