Spot on.

11 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. I wonder if her FTSE 100 tracker is adjusted for dividends (unlike the index) – otherwise it’s actually a very expensive fund and she’s been sold a lemon.

  2. See Polly is calling for a military intervention…

    The Guardian has suspiciously closed most of the comments on these outrage articles. Probably too much stoked up outrage for their moderators to handle.

  3. They can bomb us, kill our citizens and the Guardian wants ‘understanding’ and dialogue, but shelter people’s money from socialists and its WAR!

  4. OT: is Tim buying a car today, or summat. I was expecting a fisk of Radikha Sakanghani’s latest ‘articla’ for the telegraph by noon.

  5. Googling the extremely exact figure of funds under management reveals that the tracker is Blackrock iShare’s absolutely standard one (symbol ISF); it tracks the index well and pays out the received dividends as they fall due (rate was 28.1p per share for tax year 2015-16, just over 4% yield).

    (I have shares in this tracker too. In an ISA, no less, so I don’t even pay tax on the divvies)

  6. Re: Snodgrass

    Held in an ISA – so you admit to being an evil right wing tax avoider. Bet you eat babies for fun too …

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