So here’s a good question for Tom Watson

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, called on Cameron to pay back money that “morally belong[s] to the exchequer”.

OK Tom. So, let’s you sit down and work out how much that money is. And we’d like to see your working. What tax was avoided? A firm number in £ and p please. What is that number?

14 thoughts on “So here’s a good question for Tom Watson”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    A better idea would be to confine Watson, possibly one of the most repulsive creatures in public life, to Murphy’s shed and keep them both locked up there – a sort of conclave of fat frauds – until they produce a number.

  2. TMB

    A better idea would be to confine Watson .. to Murphy’s shed and keep them both locked up there – a sort of conclave of fat frauds – until they produce a number.

    What a revolting thought – which of them would conceive it?

  3. Pay /back/? So, how much money did the Exchequer pay /to/ Cameron that he would have to pay /back/? He can’t be on any benefits, wifey would be the one receiving any child benefits (how old are his kids?). You can’t pay /back/ something unless it’s been paid /to/ you in the first place.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    You’ve got this arse about face, Tim.

    Cameron has to pay it all to HMRC and then justify to the fat fraud how much he’s morally allowed to have back. Of course that number being a big fat zero in the eyes of the left.

  5. I call on Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, to pay back reputation that morally belongs to Leon Brittan.

  6. Hahahahaha

    An MP (a fucking MP!) asks someone to repay money that “morally” belongs to someone else?

  7. Morals? They are for people. Laws are for government.

    We don’t want the government operating on moral whims, we want them operating under the rule of law.

    Equally, somebody who will do anything and everything that isn’t actually illegal, is likely to be quite an unpleasant person.

    And we recognise that people’s morals differ. Both between people and for the same person, in different contexts.

    But, regardless, I can’t think of any two people who deserve to be bricked into the same small room. Indefinitely. Although we could throw Gorgeous George in there as well, just to add to the overall benefit to humanity.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    @MC – I wouldn’t quibble with that one bit – I just moderated my language in case his mother reads Tim’s blog.

    And of course it’ll probably turn out that Arnald or DBC are Watson’s mother so my delicacy will have been entirely misplaced.


  9. Jesus fucking christ, these lying, hypocritical fucking idiots – Corbyn, Hodge, Murphy, Watson, Livingstone, virtually every cretinous journalist in the country..

    The whole point of offshore investment funds is so tax can be paid, lawfully, correctly whatever you want to call it, in the jursidiction in which each investor is resident or otherwise liable for tax purposes. Having funds domiciled in tax neutral jurisdictions actually facilitates country by country tax reporting and payment – that is the whole fucking point. Yet the twats at the guardian, bbc, independent, C4 news etc cannot or will not see that.
    Stupid, lying, self serving, hypocritical cunts.

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