That new Telegraph design


Entirely time based? No sorting by subject matter at all?

10 thoughts on “That new Telegraph design”

  1. Curious coincidence that the Telegraph and the Times both changed at the same time. Do they both use the same web hosting company or something?

  2. Comments at the Telegraph are gone. They are now dead to me.

    I will no longer read anything that doesn’t allow it’s own Fisking BTL.

  3. Tim,

    I commented on Bishop-Hill a couple of days ago on The Telegraph web site improvements being similar to Microsoft’s improvements to XP and W7.

    The Telegraph has copied Windows 8

    Picture books are for children. It infuriates me that so many news sites forget this.


  4. It is a Janet and John book… lots of empty space, short words in big letters, simple stories and big colour pictures.

  5. Cough, cough

    That new ASI Blog design


    Jack and Jill picture book site where full screen pictures and headlines are out of date.

    Sack the Windows 8 hipsters and revert ASI blog to how it was before.


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