The pigeons are beginning to look a bit nervous around here

For spring is sprung. Not so much that the grass is riz but my office is in what used to be the tallest building in Czechoslovakia. And we’ve usually got resident kestrels around who are getting a bit broody right now and thus hunting with a bit more vehemence.

It’s quite something to be looking out the smoking room window of a morning, carefully nurturing a hangover, and seeing a hunting strike from about 20 feet away.

9 thoughts on “The pigeons are beginning to look a bit nervous around here”

  1. Dem ain’t no Kestrels – dey is Peregrines. (Or maybe Sparrowhawks, but not if they’re striking in mid-air – I’ll get my bins …)

  2. Here, in the Sierra de Cadiz, my roof terrace, at 654 metres above sea level, is the perfect place to watch Lesser Kestrels swoop and soar. They are redder and more vocal than ordinary Kestrels, and they hover less often.

  3. Bird watching is indeed an enjoyable pastime. What I am really interested in here is the smoking room. I thought those were extinct.

  4. There are smoking rooms in the UK. But you may not be served drinks or food in them. And if there is an adjoining bar, you may not take your cigar to the bar nor your drink to your cigar.

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