There’s an answer to the BBC’s EU bias you know

The BBC is more negative about the EU than it is about Russia’s Vladimir Putin or China’s Xi Jinping, according to a new analysis.

It also found that, over the past 15 years, the corporation’s EU coverage has been far more often negative than it has positive.

At a presentation given in Brussels on Thursday, Zurich-based analysts Media Tenor argued that British TV, in particular the BBC, has failed to present a balanced view of the EU or enough coverage of how it affects the UK.

So, let’s ask ourselves what it is that we actually want the BBC to do. That being, well, tell us the truth, no? So, if the EU is that very spawn of Satan, the harbinger of Armaggeddon, we’d rather like the BBC to tell us so, right?

Or, we can run this same logic the other way around. If the coverage by such an impartial observer as the BBC of that EU is negative overall then the EU overall really is a bunch of cunts coming to steal our freedom, isn’t it?

And to be ever so slightly serious for a moment. That the BBC’s coverage of the EU is positive, negative or neutral doesn’t actually prove anything at all about bias within the BBC on the subject of the EU. Because it is actually possible that the EU is actually positive, negative or neutral for the UK.

No, obviously, I don’t believe that for a moment (I’m with the spawn of Satan crew) but the logic of this complaint is simply wrong. That the reporting is negative is not proof of bias. On any subject: if our reporting is that murder is a very bad thing then perhaps, you know, murder is a very bad thing. If the Beeb reports that the EU is a way for Fat German Socialists to gain power over Britain maybe that’s because the EU is a way for Fat German Socialists to gain power over Britain. As it actually is by the way.

Output does not prove bias.

14 thoughts on “There’s an answer to the BBC’s EU bias you know”

  1. There is of course a third proposition. If you consider the BBCs general corporatist lefty/luvvie slant on just about everything else, you would expect them to be overwhelmingly in favour of the EU. The fact that, overall, their stories tend to be critical of the EU despite their general bias, indicates that the EU is even more shit than they’re reporting. Even their self deception/self censoring can only go so far. I’m sure that didn’t occur to our Eurocrats.

  2. Steve–you don’t even try to hide the fact you are a paid hack do you? See the letters EU appear and there you are like stink on shit.

    The BBC peddle lying leftist garbage in every possible way Not just in so-called news but in every possible medium. Drama esp and even that shitrag the Radio Times which –although Pol no longer spews in its pages every week as formerly –still oozes middle-class Marxism in every “article” or in-house comment.. There is no anti-EU bias at the BBC and any claim there is serves only as a method to seek expansion of their pro-EU bias to “compensate”.

  3. Isn’t it in the nature of journalism that one can show journalistic bias against pretty well anything?
    Good news, largely, isn’t news. You’d hardly see a front page story in the newspaper that yesterday’s weather was entirely normal for the time of year. So weather journalism is entirely storms & heatwaves.
    Even the BBC is obliged to report mostly negative stories about the EU. Because positive stories simply aren’t news.

  4. What you only have to know about the BBC is that it exists because of the government.

    So deep down, what it is most interested in is government that keeps them going, maybe even throws more money at them. And that’s going to run to to bottom. People who further that aim in some way will thrive and others won’t.

    And people can talk about balance, but there’s no such thing. Everyone has a perspective on what matters and where the balance of argument lies. People working for the state, who have fitted in with an organisation that really, gains by increasing the state are going to have a pro-state perspective, even subconsciously.

    I mean. How often does someone leave the Beeb who is a full-on classical liberal? If you didn’t know they were trots before, you find out they were after.

  5. Jorb:

    The anti-EU reports could be based upon the idea that the EU isn’t socialist and superstate enough. I’d hazard a guess, for example, that reporting on the migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean would fall into this general area.

  6. Wait, did Steve post a link to a you tube void that we should all watch?
    The same Steve who said he wouldn’t watch vid links because we should be able to argue points in short concise statements?
    Or is this a different Steve?

  7. They put him on so the in-crowd of middle class Marxist wankers could jeer. And so stooges like you could say his presence proves they weren’t biased. One lone voice in a pack of socialist jackals –and that mostly includes the audience–is not the absence of bias.

    Go back to work Arnie. Them burgers don’t make themselves.

  8. Ecks,

    I think I understand you, like I understand someone keeping their piss in bottles marked with the pissing date.

    You’d hate that *your* piss from *your* old cock could get assimilated into something everyone else can use.

    I get that.

    But BBC Marxists would surely commission a one-off slot on The One Show about your real-world radicalism, infotainment but the truth. There’s already an established market for this sort of stuff.

    Imagine urging your friends and family to watch! £££!

    A slow pan of all your piss. Looped on youtube with some wag dubbing your piss sounds with Vera Lynn rutting.

  9. Congrats Arnie–your drug-driven brainpan has finally jumped the shark.

    The only use I would consider for my piss is a Piss Arnold a la Serrano. Your dissected corpse in 200 galleons of (in Spike Milligan’s phrase) “well-matured urine”.

    Served up to all your leftist friends with a nice Chianti.

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