This is very kind of Ms. Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon to provide free ‘baby box’ to new parents

Good to see her spending her salary on something useful.

17 thoughts on “This is very kind of Ms. Sturgeon”

  1. Miniature Irn-Bru, Tunnocks tea cake, some shortbread in a tartan tin and a large chip to go on its shoulder at 16 y.o.

  2. Good for her. The mother’s generally sore for a few weeks, so it’ll keep Dad happy. Not sure she’d get huge numbers of offers though.

  3. The generosity of the Fish-Faced Bitch truly knows no bounds.
    She is already planning a Commissar for every child in Scotland and now this.

  4. Sturgeon is hoping to outbid her rivals with an offer of 500 more health visitors

    My abiding memory of the one we had when the youngest was born was that she was utterly, utterly useless.

    500 more of her would be more destructive than 500 more diversity advisors.

  5. S.E.,
    Owing to a house move very shortly after childbirth, we had very few health visitors. (The NHS can’t cope with complications like a change of address.) Can’t say they were missed.

  6. And we’ve yet to hear an update on the progress being made by the refugees she’s no doubt now accommodating in her home, as per her commitment some time ago.

  7. I look forward to her announcement that all new arrivals will be chipped at birth, obviously to protect the state’s interest in them.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Beware of Tartan Dykes bearing gifts.

    How about they concentrate on making sure people don’t die because they are abandoned in car crashes and bleed out? How about making sure the police get to them in under, say, two days?

    People have been giving birth for some time. Without any help from the Scottish National Party. Somehow I think they will be able to continue to do so should they so choose.

  9. With the SNP now allocating a social services “minder” to each child, it is now only a matter of time, perhaps a short one, before the SNP decides to allocate children to parents regardless of who bears the child or who is father in the interests of equality and diversity.

  10. Come on, Tim, the linked article says that ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National party’ will be providing it. Sturgeon won’t be using her wallet.

    But then SNP won’t either. Gift giving is fun when using Other People’s Money.

    So, the central government takes money from the people and decides to spend it on baby boxes for some of the people, something the people would not have done on their own. Because the central government knows that baby boxes is really what the people’s money should be spent on.

    And by doing so, gets the majority of the people’s votes.

  11. The Inimitable Steve

    Machiavelli – Excellent! And a see-you-Jimmy hat and ginger wig.

    Sturgeon will unveil the proposal in the SNP manifesto for May’s Holyrood election this Wednesday, in an effort to cement the party’s substantial 30-point lead over Labour.

    Holy haggis, Batman! That’s approaching a Kim Jong Un majority. Remember when devolution was supposed to “kill the nationalists stone dead”?

    The SNP leader is also aiming to pitch for green votes by offering to increase the Scottish greenhouse gas emissions target from a cut of 42% to 50% by 2020, despite simultaneously risking an increase in air traffic by abolishing air passenger duty in Scotland.

    Why not 100%? Why not 3568%? Why not a pink flying unicorn percent? Seeing as this is a fantasy commitment to solve an imaginary problem.

    The SNP said the boxes, which are designed to be converted into a cot for newborns, would cost about £100 each, but would not disclose at this stage how much the policy was expected to cost

    It’ll cost about £500 – £1000 per box once they add on staff costs, elf n safety, Disclosure Scotland checks, environmental impact assessments, cost of translating the instructions into Bangladeshi, Somali, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Scotch, Gaelic and Chav, IT costs for the new gold-plated computer system needed to run it, fraud prevention, and the ethically produced carbon neutral fairtrade see-you-Jimmy hats.

    Scotland is the country that managed to spend £776m on a nine mile section of tramlines. I’m sure they can outdo themselves with this latest scheme.

    Willie Sullivan, the director of ERS Scotland, said the SNPs dominance of Scotland’s political scene could “potentially stifle other opposition parties”. He suggested pro-independence voters ought to consider giving pro-yes parties such as the Scottish Greens or the socialist Rise coalition their second votes.

    It’s like a choice between antibiotic-resistant herpes or rectal leprosy.

    “The polls show the SNP achieving a majority through the constituency first-past-the-post part of the election. This is a bad sign for smaller parties, and a long way from the rainbow parliament of 2003 which many consider to be the high water mark of multi-party politics in Scotland,” Sullivan said.

    Such a parcel of window-lickers in a nation.

  12. Bloke no L....zzzttzzzzzzttzzz

    The whole concept of

    Nicola Sturgeon’s baby box

    has caused me to attach electrodes to my temples. I hope they burn out the correct synapse.

  13. “…antibiotic-resistant herpes…”

    Herpes is a viral infection, so antibiotics are useless.

  14. Scotland is the country that managed to spend £776m on a nine mile section of tramlines.

    And England is planning to spend £50 billion on 100 miles of HS2, so who are we to criticise?

  15. The Inimitable Steve

    Theo – Herpes is a viral infection, so antibiotics are useless.

    Dammit. Mercury then?

    Chris – Money well spent. Who doesn’t want to get out of Birmingham as fast as possible?

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