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It’s not difficult to believe that Sir Philip Green is being unfairly treated over the BHS saga. The unedifying sight of the British establishment sneering at the loudmouth Jew in the clothing trade is an unwelcome return to social habits we rather hoped we had put behind us.

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  1. I am enjoying the complaints over the BHS pension fund which seem to imply that businesses should be wound up at the first sign of trouble so that there are assets to pay suppliers and pension obligations when just last week they were saying we should be keeping Port Talbot going despite it being obvious it is circling the drain and even some of the pension assets should be put into it.

    Consistency isn’t needed.

  2. On the pension fund matter, you say it’s in a hole because the markets crashed in 2008. Haven’t the markets recovered most, if not all, of the ground lost since then?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    If you have a case, you play the law. If you don’t, you play the man. If you can’t you bang the table.

    The fact that someone is reaching for the anti-semitism card before the discussion has even started looks like a confession of guilt to me.

  4. I imagine quantitative easing and the subsequent rise in almost every asset class has in part taken care of the 2008 hole. However, thanks to the improvement in our relative health, our longevity, it is difficult to put a brake on the ongoing increase in just about every fund’s liabilities.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “And that’s tour case is it? Thus speaks the Thick.Racist.Prick”

    What is more likely – that the entire British media sector has been secretly anti-semitic all these years and Green is honest or Green is a crook?

    Don’t you have some child rapists to defend?

    Tel – “Do f off you dreary little turd.”

    I am afraid you will have to narrow it down a little. That comments applies too generally here.

  6. If only Philip Green were just a very successful “character” in the schmutter trade.In fact he was already a pillar of our corrupt Establishment when he was appointed to head up a commission on Government waste in 2010 at the same time maintaining a tax haven arrangement in Monaco..All very Establishment and respectable: the sainted father of our beloved Prime Minister shows that “sneering” at such personal tax arrangements is just not on.
    Tim W actually believes that all rich greedy bastards conduce to the general benefit and that private sector business practice should not be criticised on any grounds by the lower orders.

  7. Have to agree with DBC Reed, Green is no outsider, getting shat on by an anti-semitic establishment.

    What was the pensions regulator doing? Companies with long term deficits (and the BHS pension fund first went into deficit in 2004) are meant to be forced to sort them out.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “And that’s tour case is it? Thus speaks the Thick.Racist.Prick”

    It is sad to see that Rusty refuses to learn. It was not racism that said Muslim men were grooming and raping girls in places like Rotherham. It was a fact. It is not racism to criticise specific instances of Muslim men grooming and raping young girls. Especially if they are true. It might be racism to say all Muslim men rape White girls.

    In the same way it is not automatically anti-semitic to say Green is a crook. Even if it was racism to say all Jewish businessmen are crooks. Because the specific case may be true even if the general case is not.

    But we are back with Rusty being unable to help himself. He has to defend rapists and crooks as long as they are not White. Because how else would he know he is one of the Righteous?

  9. @Devonchap – Strawman alert. The concern/accusation is that PG took on a business with a pension surplus, and watched it go into significant deficit under his watch while he was taking £200m+ out of the business.
    The Pension Trustees were asleep at the wheel when they had the power to force PG to plug the deficit but they did not. So why not? Why did that failsafe mechanism not work as expected? Why did PG ignore his obligation to the Trustees? It’s not like there wasn’t enough Cash on the Balance Sheet to fix this.
    It’s BS like this that gives Capitalism a bad name.

  10. I was referring to Ironman. Seeing as he’s dishing out personal insults in place of argument he should get a few insults back.

  11. @ Andrew M

    I think that the problem for pension funds isn’t asset values, it’s interest rates. The price of annuities has gone through the roof and isn’t planning on coming back down.

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